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Travel planning can be overwhelming but don’t let that stop you from exploring the world! Travel is my passion and I want to share my experiences in over 25 countries with you so that you too can get out there and enjoy the journey. With hundreds of books, websites, blogs, social media sites, and podcasts out there, it can be difficult to weed through all this information in order to put together a realistic itinerary. By hiring me to be your Travel Coach, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free travel experience with the custom itinerary I will create for you.


Here is my 5 Step Process for crafting your travel plan that will make your trip unique:

  1. During our initial free 20-minute consultation (either by phone or Zoom), we will get to know each other and discuss how you like to travel and what’s important to you to see and do on your trip. I will send you a list of exploratory questions prior to our initial meeting. 
  2. I will design your trip itinerary based on your travel preferences and recommend:
    • Accommodations, food experiences, sightseeing, museums, places you must see
    • Transportation: plane, train, bus, subway, walking, Uber, private car service
    • Places to combine to maximize time, guided tours, local tips, city relevant apps
  3. After reviewing the plan with you, I will finalize the details. 
  4. The digital itinerary I provide will include all necessary links for you to book your trip details online.
  5. During your trip, I am available for further consultations if needed. 


Providing world class customer service is my top priority. Let my experience travelling the world guide you to enjoy not dread the whole travel experience. From tips and tricks on how to get around places efficiently and safely to hassle-free ways to enjoy even the most crowded tourist sites, I’ve been there and done it, so I can share my first-hand knowledge. While the peace of mind of having someone else do all the trip research and plan your trip is priceless, my normal consultation fees will start at $90/hour for custom planning.


Please email me at to schedule your free 20-minute consultation. Bring me your ideas and dreams and I will help you make them reality. I can’t wait to start planning your trip!



Melinda George, Travel Coach


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Read all about my experiences living in China in our published book, “Seattle to Shanghai and Back Again: Our Year as Expats in China” available on Amazon here.

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