Packing Checklist


  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash-use what is provided at the hotel/ARBNB or buy when you arrive. You only get one quart clear Ziplock bag going through security in some countries.
  • Hairdryer-provided almost all places including hotels and ARBNBs. We never pack one.
  • Shoes with heels of any kind-practically nowhere in the world is this a good idea. In Europe, it’s just crazy due to the cobblestones.


  • Layout all your outfits on your bed including scarfs, jewlery, socks, bras, shoes. Now, what can you NOT pack? Also, wear black not white. Wear your jacket on the plane-don’t pack it. Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane. Big statement necklace? Wear it on the plane.
  • Roll up your clothes and put them in packing cubes. You can pack the cubes in various ways: all tops in one cube, pants in another and underwear/socks/pjs in another. OR If you are going to be in several places you could pack one cube per location, so you just take out one cube when you arrive and leave everything else in the luggage. Try out what works best for you.
  • Umbrella vs. a raincoat. Buy a small high-quality umbrella. Don’t buy one from a street vendor on a rainy day. It won’t last one big gust of wind. Buy a poncho that rolls up and weighs next to nothing. Always check the weather before you venture out!
  • Packet of tissues to use for noses and toilet paper. I bring these from the US because I found that in other countries the quality is not the same. More like sandpaper.
  • Tide pen to eliminate stains that will happen. Detergent sheets cut up into fourths and put into a plastic bag.
  • Travel size Downey Wrinkle away-can be used in place of Febreze and Lysol
  • Crossbody bag-leave it on always. My biggest fear is taking it off, setting it down or putting on the hook on back of the door in a bathroom stall and forgetting it. Just wear it!
  • Copy of passport, credit card #’s/toll-free #’s to call, DL, vaccine card, prescription medicine scripts, etc. Take pics on your phone or keep in secure app just in case of lost/stolen/medical issues.
  • First aid-at least a small one with bandaids, neosporin, anti-itch cream, meds, etc. My husband rolled his ankle on the first night in Vietnam and we couldn’t find ice, wraps, etc. to take care of it. In Europe, it’s easier to find what you need anywhere you see the green cross on a store, which is a pharmacy.
  • Convertors for the appropriate country you are visiting. They change for each country.
  • Anything that might wrinkle like a dress put on a wire hanger with a dry-cleaning plastic bag over it.
  • Bring some local currency. Get at your local bank. Under $100. We like to hit the streets immediately and had to borrow money to use the public loo in a London park. Once you are there, only use bank ATM machines to get out more local currency cash. Avoid all other ATMs in convenience stores, bars, etc.
  • Get a credit card with no international transaction fees and one that, despite warning them that you will be out of the country, doesn’t lock up your account the first time you use it.


  • Scarf big enough and cozy to use as blanket if needed
  • Layers-all black. Just in case you spill, it’s easier.
  • Compression socks
  • Hooded jacket to put over head if get cold or want to sleep
  • Cozy clothes, i.e. no hard pants like jeans. I travel in black Athleta clothes and Allbird shoes.