Day Eight Demands Double Sweaters

One sweater was just not enough today. was cold and it was dark this morning as I lay in bed and contemplated the day ahead.  What could I wear that will make me happy AND look good?  After putting on the animal print sweater and wide leg cuffed pants, I just wasn’t warm enough so on went the funky grey sweater vest as well.  Double protection against the chill.  It kept feeling like Friday all day but no, it was only Thursday and tomorrow is not Saturday.  DAMN.  But my Banana Republic sweaters did comfort me all day as I raced from one meeting to another.  Busy, busy!  Though, I have to admit that I did miss wearing a scarf all day but you have to let that neck breathe once in a while so today was my neck’s day off from sporting a soft fashion accessory.  So sad!  Tomorrow, it’s back to wrapping my neck up and decorating it with a lovely something, something from my scarf collection.

Double sweater warmth today!
Double sweater warmth today!

I did get compliments on my Spectacle Necklace that I sell in my online store, which is great validation that I bought the right stock.  My peer loved it so I just took it off and gave it to her.  Probably slightly weird of me to do that but I like to surprise people and give unexpected gifts.  I  hope she really did like it because it’s hers now!  So, when I got home I added a long silver tassel necklace that I can’t really wear at work because it is so long that it gets stuck on my magnetic part of my tablet keyboard.  Hello Melinda–are you stuck on your Surface???  Why, yes, I am!  Awkward!

Want to buy a Spectacle Necklace for your very own so you can get compliments too?  Here you go:

Spectacle Necklace  Available at Decorate Your Neck for $16
Spectacle Necklace
Available at Decorate Your Neck for $16