Getting Around London-Girls Trip 2022

London is a busy city where cars, double decker buses, taxis, Ubers, bikes, scooters and horses share the roads, and the Tube whisks you quickly under all this traffic chaos. Yes, I said horses. As in the Guards making their way to their daily shift at the Palace that we passed by one morning. Remember to follow these rules and you might just live: Stand on the Right; Mind the Gap; Look Left. Don’t be scared of getting around London-just read the details below, develop a plan and get out there and enjoy a truly amazing city!


Here’s my advice for any London trip-start with considering how you will travel from place to place and factor into your agenda realistic travel time. Traffic is terrible, as in most big cities, and going from one end of London to another can take well over an hour. We ended up cutting out experiences on our agenda just because it would mean spending hours in traffic going across town and our party opted out of the Tube during rush hour periods because it was just too packed. Even if you would like to get a taxi/Uber, there will be times such as rush hour or when it is raining that street traffic will be tremendously slow and expensive and/or unable to obtain. My cell service (AT&T) was spotty as well in London, making it sometimes hard to connect to an Uber or even use Google maps to find our way. Tip: just to be safe, while you have Wi-Fi, take a screenshot on your phone of the directions/map just in case. Have a backup plan too-in case you can’t get an Uber, can you grab a bus or walk? Is there a hotel nearby where you can get help from the doorman to get a taxi?

As you are grabbing your preferred form of transportation, remember that in London they drive on the right-hand side of the road so ALWAYS LOOK LEFT. I try to remember to always look both left and right before crossing any street in any country just to be safe. Bikes and scooters are prevalent and they tend to not always follow the suggested flow, i.e., they go up the one-way street any way they want. When getting onto the Tube, remember to MIND THE GAP between the platform and the train so you don’t fall onto the tracks. That would be bad. It happens. On the escalators getting out of the Tube, STAND ON THE RIGHT so that people who want to walk up the escalator can do so on the left. Got it?


If you have booked tickets and need to be somewhere at a specific time, leave plenty of time to get there and use travel apps like Rome2Rio or Citymapper to compare your options and see estimate of time each option will take. Walking will be faster than almost any ground transportation due to the traffic. Next best options are buses and the Tube (subway). If anyone in your party is physically challenged, walking thousands of steps a day may not be an option. Also, many Tube stations have lots of stairs. Go to this site (Transport accessibility – Transport for London ( to see which stations have elevators.

Bus/Tube (subway) For both the bus and Tube, download Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone/smart watch to tap at the turnstiles to pay. Otherwise, you are fumbling for a credit card to tap, and you probably don’t want to have a credit card out and about with other people nearby who could snatch it (yes, it happens so be smart). You don’t buy paper tickets anymore-it’s all tap to pay here. Just know that even between rush hours, you will still be standing closely to others on the Tube. If that’s not your jam, then plan another form of transportation. We didn’t use the bus because it would be just as slow as a taxi/Uber using the street surface and you have to find the right bus stop and wait while hoping you’ll get a seat vs. standing up. 

Taxi/Uber If you really want a car ride, then go with Uber first and, as a last resort, a taxi. Why? Well, with Uber you have a fixed price when you input the pickup and drop off locations on the app on your phone. It is in the best interest of the Uber driver to get you there quickly. With the taxi, you are on a meter and the driver may or may not take a direct route. We tried both and always the Uber was cheaper by 20% or so. When using Uber, find a landmark like a hotel or restaurant and get the address to enter into the Uber app and make it easy for the driver to find you. Our average wait time for an Uber in London was 5-10 minutes.

Boat Another form of transportation is taking an Uber boat up and down the river. For under 10E, you jump on and off at various stops. Fast and fun!

London is a tourist town where clueless people wander down the middle of the streets, especially the smaller side ones after they have had a few pints. This does not mean the streets are car free so don’t follow suit unless you are positive that it is a pedestrian only area. Stay safe out there, walk the beautiful city streets and soak up the culture. Enjoy the journey!


Google maps

Citymapper or Rome2Rio-best transport apps. Shows you travel details, estimated time to get there and prices too.

GETT app to get taxi’s.

TfL Go for Tube travel. Shows map of various lines and reports cancellations. Tap on a Tube station on the map to see facilities like lifts and bathrooms.


London’s major airport is Heathrow (LHR) but close by is also Gatwick (LGW). Besides grabbing an Uber or taxi, both airports have public transportation options to get from the airport to the city. Get all the info here: Trains To & From London Heathrow Airport – Maps, Tickets | Rail Europe


Liquids that are in your carry-on luggage will need to be in a single (one bag per person only) transparent, resealable plastic bag into which you put your liquid containers which holds no more than a liter (anything that can be “smeared” is considered a liquid) and measures 20 cm x 20 cm (US quart size). You must take this bag out at screening point so make sure it is readily available to get.

Examples of items you may not think are “liquids” would be honey, jam, lipsticks/lip gloss, etc. This are considered “smearable” and must adhere to the restrictions. You can take liquid containers larger than 100ML through security if they are for essential medical purposes, special dietary requirements or contain baby food or baby milk. My friend tried taking a snowglobe through security and she almost had it confiscated but she persuaded them. I wouldn’t risk it.

London Theater-Girls Trip 2022

One of the many reasons that I love London is the theater scene. We try to go to NYC every year and always see a Broadway show. While some of the same shows are currently on stage in both places, there are some West End exclusives too. On this Girls Trip 2022, we checked out one London show exclusive and one classic musical available in many places.

The London theater district aka the West End is spread out over a larger area than the Broadway area in NYC. These theaters are lovely old buildings for the most part and rarely is there a bad seat. Usually, you want to arrive at least 30 minutes at least prior to the performance in order to find your seats and go to the bathrooms. I am always shocked at how few bathrooms they have at these venues for women so plan ahead! Some theaters allow you to buy beverages and bring them to your seats and others make you chug down your beverage in the lobby. Cheers!

First show on our trip was & Juliet, a “coming-of-age jukebox musical” that is a glorious eruption of dance and song. Shakespeare is introduced at the beginning and his wife suggests he change the ending to Romeo & Juliet, wondering what would have happened if Juliet did not kill herself.  At Romeo’s funeral, Juliet finds out that Romeo had many female AND male conquests besides her. Oops. Juliet takes a liberating road trip to Paris with friends and hilarity ensues especially when Romeo returns to pursue Juliet again. Winning many awards in the UK while playing at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, & Juliet will close in March 2023 and has already moved to Broadway in NYC. A very diverse cast sings cover tunes from the Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears. This show can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates music, dancing and an original story.

Our second show was the classic musical Mamma Mia. We all watched the movie prior to going to London to refresh our memory of the story and practice singing along! It was well staged, and, at the end, the talented cast all came back to the stage to lead a singalong of a few tunes from the show. We danced in our seats while we belted it out and loved every last minute of it. What a great way to spend your evening in London!

We only had time to check out two shows on this trip but on a previous trip, Thom and I went to the Globe Theater and saw a wonderful modern (goth punk style) rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Opening in 1997, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, is a replica of the original theater, set in an open-air space with capacity for 1,400 patrons. It is located on the banks of the River Thames, in the Bankside Cultural Quarter. If you want to interact with performers, get tickets to stand vs. sit. When we went, the show moved from the stage to the floor and back, all the while staying in character. So. Much. Fun. Their shows go on even if it is raining so come prepared with a poncho. If Shakespeare isn’t your jam, not to worry. They also put on modern plays, music concerts, film screenings, etc. Attend a show, take a tour of the theater, and experience what it might have been like in Shakespeare’s days. Located somewhat close to London Tower, a perfect day might be taking a tour of London Tower, lunch and shopping at Borough Market and then taking in a theater performance at the Globe. All within walking distance, if you like to walk!

No trip to London would be complete without diving into the theater scene. Enjoy the journey!

Buying tickets and theater manners

With regards to theater manners, I would suggest not standing to dance and sing with your favorite musical unless everyone around you is doing it. Otherwise, you’re “that person” who is ruining the view for others. That goes for leaning too. For Mamma Mia, we sat in Dress Circle seats on the side of the theater and were on the railing. Which was fine until the very tall person next to me leaned way forward to check out the side of the stage, obscuring the entire stage for me. I tapped on her shoulder and asked her nicely to please lean back in her seat. While she was outraged, she did it and I enjoyed the rest of the play. Awkward yes but it had to be done. So don’t let some rude patron ruin your night. Be polite and tell them to behave. And, of course, for the singalong at the end, we all stood up and danced the night away!

We bought our theater tickets in advance at a savings (20-40% off face value) on TodayTix | Theater Tickets to Musicals, Plays, Broadway, More. Similar to TKTS where we buy our NYC Broadway tickets, you get a discount that gets steeper the closer to the date you attend the show. We wanted seats together (single seats are really cheap if you don’t mind sitting separate from your party!) with a good view so we booked a few months in advance. You can also check out the tickets on which is the London TKTS site. If you are really flexible and want to show up the night of the play and see if you can get “rush” tickets, which are tickets that are still unsold and cheap-usually single tickets and may have some obstructed view-that is the most economical way to see a show. Tickets are all digital and you just pull them up on your phone to be scanned when you enter the theater.

London Shopping-Girls Trip 2022

We had timed our Girls Trip 2022 to occur in mid-November after London had turned on their spectacular Christmas lights. I’ve travelled all over the world but never have I ever seen a big city light up like London does for the holidays. Streets are strung with lights, entire building facades are decorated, and don’t even get me started on the decorations in the classic huge department stores like Harrod’s. It is THE most wonderful time to visit London, a city I’ve visited many times over the years.

We had an entire day dedicated to shopping and checking out the department stores all decked out in their holiday finest. We started with the iconic Harrod’s where you can buy anything from very expensive designer items to tasty treats in the food court and affordable souvenirs in the basement where the tourist shop. I had to buy an extra suitcase for my Harrod’s Paddington Bear.

After the splendor of Harrod’s, we grabbed a taxi from the convenient taxi stand next to the store. Many stores are within walking distance of each other once you get from Harrod’s to Oxford Street. Luckily, the big department stores all have cafes and places to relax and sit. Shopping is exhausting work! We walked between these landmark stores:

  • Selfridge’s on Oxford Street – six floors encompassing 10 acres
  • Fenwick’s on Bond Street – from furniture to clothing, they have it all
  • Liberty of London on Regent Street – especially magical for anyone who sews and loves fabrics
  • Carnaby Street an entire street filled with specialty shops and cafes
  • Fortnum and Mason known for their selection of tea, biscuits, preserves which make great gifts

One of our tour guides clued us in to look for the signs above shop entrances that indicate that they supply goods to the Royal family. I guess it is quite the honor. These are primarily small bespoke stores like tailors, hat stores, hunting clothes, etc. For those who aren’t on a Royal budget, check out Marks & Spencer or the Primark department stores around town-these are where the average citizen shops for clothes. We loaded up on bargains for ourselves and gifts at these stores. Patti even bought a coat to wear home!

We also hit the markets to shop and eat-when in London, visit at least one or more!

  • Spitalfields Market-go to the The Flat Iron across from the market for lunch or choose from a wide assortment of food from the stalls in the market. There is great shopping at the market with everything from vintage clothes to vinyl to gift items.
  • Covent Garden Market has been around since 1845 for wonderful food and shopping and is especially lovely at the holidays. We stopped into the Punch and Judy pub in Covent Garden market for classic fish and chips with mushy peas. The showstopper though was the sticky pudding-heaven in your mouth.

After a hectic day filled with shopping, we rested our tired legs and enjoyed the treats on Brigit’s Bus Tea Tour. We were on the first Christmas lights bus of the season. Touring all around town while sipping on tea/hot chocolate/champagne, we sampled the treats wearing our paper crowns and singing holiday carols. The perfect ending to a perfect day in London.

I highly recommend going to London in mid-November-less crowded, beautiful decorations and fantastic shopping. The trifecta for a perfect Girls Trip!

Cotswolds-Girls Trip 2022

London is amazing but we also wanted to experience rolling hillsides covered with sheep and visit charming villages and winding country lanes in the Cotswolds. We booked an all-day small group tour and met our driver/guide early one morning. Avoiding a car accident on the motorway aka highway, our driver quickly took us on a country road detour so that we could keep to our schedule and see all the sites. Along the way and before every village we visited, he shared with us the history of the region and told entertaining stories to keep us engaged. He explained how important sheep are to the history and economic growth that happened in this area and cautioned us that “here in the Costwolds we don’t eat sheep because their wool is renown and has earned residents great wealth”. The largest sheep market in the Middle Ages saw 20,000 sheep pass thru in a day. Duly noted. Sheep rule.

Established in 1966 and designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) the Cotswolds  (name comes from “cot” meaning sheep enclosure + “wold” meaning elevation or hill) covers 700+ miles of rolling bucolic hills and country manors. While there are many quaint villages within the Cotswolds, on our tour we visited Burford, Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water aka “Venice of the Cotswolds” and Stow-on-the-Wold, the highest elevation in the region. Stopping about an hour in each place, we got to wander around, eat at the local pubs, shop, and take pictures of all the picturesque sites. My sister grabbed a wonderful framed original drawing at a community yard sale. I picked up lots of Christmas gifts from a local church holiday bazaar. Lavender is a popular Cotswolds grown product, so I picked up soaps, lotions, oils, etc. Local treasures that you can’t get just anywhere.

As we walked around, I couldn’t help but take pictures of literally everything I saw. The buildings made out of golden-colored Cotswolds stone (limestone) are architecturally gorgeous. Stone walls along the roads and separating the fields are an important characteristic of this region. Local limestone rocks are stacked with no binding element holding them together with the rocks on top pointing vertically, so they lean into each other and hold themselves together. We saw gated estates adjacent to the small village/church where the estate workers lived. Very Downton Abbey. It is rumored that Stow-on-the-Wold, where JRR Tolkien visited often, was an inspiration for mythical locations described in his books, especially St. Edwards Church’s unique doorway with the two trees.

I could imagine renting a thatched roof cottage in the Cotswolds, renting a dog to trudge through the fields in the rain and drinking lots of tea in the local cafes. We enjoyed our quick day trip through the countryside. It is a very restful and beautiful place. Enjoy the journey!

Bath, England-Girls Trip 2022

Our Girls Trip 2022 to the UK began with a few fabulous days in Bath before we immersed ourselves in the bustle of city life in London. Bath is one of those cities that requires time set aside for wandering the quaint cobblestone lanes and squares while imagining the past where couples promenaded along the river in their finery. Be sure to watch Bridgerton before you visit Bath as they film portions of the series there!

Flying into Heathrow, we had a private car service pick us up and take us straight to Bath, a two-hour (depending on motorway traffic) car ride through the countryside. Along the way we saw Windsor Castle in the distance, standing very majestic in the surrounding fields, and caught up on our journeys so far to get there. Patti and Becky flew in from Indiana, where we grew up, and I had an even longer flight from Idaho. Since the pandemic, we have made a pact to explore new places together at least once a year despite our busy schedules and some push back from our spouses. Last year we went to Florence. So fun! For our 2023 trip, we are thinking about Paris. Girls got to get out and see the world! YOLO, amirite or what?

Checking into our ARBNB townhouse (so many steep stairs!) in the heart of Bath, we quickly settled in and then went off to enjoy pizza and salad at a café next door. Yum! I do think ARBNBs are great for longer term stays and for groups like us, three girls who need more bathrooms and beds than a hotel room would provide, plus we like having a kitchen. The weather was fine (even in November!) so, we sat outside and did some people watching while we ate, drank and enjoyed being together again.

The bookstore across from our ARBNB, Topping & Company Booksellers on York Street, is the bomb, spread over several floors and many rooms. I love bookstores and this one is both extensive in its assortment and a cozy, intimate book experience with numerous nooks to sit and peruse whatever book you may be looking for. I was surprised by all their signed first edition books. I asked one of the book clerks and they said they do get a lot of book readings there and I don’t doubt it. This bookstore is an author’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to come to historic Bath to this lovely place to read their books? The bookstore sent us down the street for the best coffee in Bath at The Columbian Company at 6 Abbey Gate Street to get the day started.

After some coffee for me and hot chocolate for the ladies, we set off to be the first customers of the day at the Roman Baths. Last time I was here in September with Thom, we didn’t have time to see the Baths so this was a “must see” for me. I would recommend you buy timed entry tickets in advance to avoid standing in line. For $20BP we got entry and a free audio guide so we could learn all about Bath history. They had different channels you could listen to including author Bill Bryson telling you stories about the exhibits. Everyone who visits Bath goes to visit this site (except Thom and I because we went to Stonehenge instead for a day trip from Bath) so plan ahead. The facility is well done with lots of interactive exhibits and historical details. They even have characters in period costumes that are scattered throughout and will chat with you and share historical details if you ask them questions. Also, the Baths are a beautiful place to take some photos. Definitely worth the entrance price. Plan to take a few hours to walk through and experience it all. You can even drink from the spring at the end of the visit. And the gift shop is enticing with a wide array of souvenirs to take home. I scored a Roman warrior duck for our collection that our grandkids will enjoy in their baths. Of course, like any proper UK museum gift shop, they sold a variety of hard alcohol, all local, including everything from gin to brandy. Cheers!

After visiting the Baths, we enjoyed a private tour of the city with Daniel from Bath Insider Tours, who provided us with three hours of fun storytelling and expertly driving around us Bath in his van covering all the historic facts and taking us to Bridgerton filming sites. Starting with a drive up to the highest point overlooking the city across the river, we began by learning from Daniel all about the prince who got leprosy and was kicked out of his castle by his dad. Wandering the countryside as a pig herder, he stumbled upon a place (now called Bath) and discovered the hot mineral springs feeding the mud where his pigs with skin wounds would wallow looking for acorns. The mud miraculously healed his pigs. The legend is that he applied this miracle mud to his leprosy, which went away and thus allowed him to return home. As we explored Bath, our tour guide pointed out the acorns scattered around the city that architects used in sculptures on building cornices to honor the acorn’s place in Bath history. After the transformed prince spread his tale far and wide of the legendary healing properties of the mineral hot springs, Bath became famous and prosperous.

The Bridgerton film sites we visited included:

  • The Modiste now a deli
  • The Tea Shop
  • The Royal Crescent
  • Lady Danbury’s house

Happily tired after our tour, we settled into a proper British Roast at the Huntsmen pub close by our ARBNB. While they were already out of the beef roast, the ladies had the port loan roast along with Yorkshire pudding (which is like a light pastry you pour gravy over), potatoes, carrots, cauliflower with cheese and potatoes. A light meal! I had a spicy chickpea salad for my main as I don’t like meat. Of course, after that “light” meal, we had to have gelato because it was right next door to our place. Was it better than Italian gelato? Well, all gelato is pretty good, and we appreciated the tasty treat to end our busy day. We took our gelato and walked over the Bath Abbey, a gorgeous cathedral where you can take a tour, ring the bell or just wander in and check it out. It’s right on the main square where you can get a hot chocolate at Mrs. Potts, a Bath Bun sweet or gelato all within a few blocks. Everyone hangs out there munching and listening to street musicians. Afterward, stretch your legs with a walk over the Pulteney Bridge (shops line the bridge) and along the path by the River Avon. Channel your inner Jane Austen (they have a Jane Austen festival every year in Bath) and soak in the beautiful sight of the Pulteney Weir directing the water in the river since 1603 to protect Bath from flooding.

What else is there to do in Bath? Well, my husband and I were there a month earlier and enjoyed the Thermae Spa very much. Both the outside rooftop pool and the inside pool were delightful. When you are in the inside pool, let the strong current take you away and float around the pool. Just be careful not to bump into other patrons-it is a very strong current. Outside, you can enjoy the view of downtown Bath from the roof (no cameras allowed so no pics of the view) and let the waterfall at one end of the pool soak you. Make your reservations in advance and enjoy the warm waters. Do they have healing properties? Who knows but you will definitely relax and enjoy this unique experience. When in Bath, a soak is a must do!

I love Bath and would highly recommend you visit for a few days. One day is not nearly enough time to soak (literally) in the waters and wander the charming streets. Enjoy the journey!


While most people associate Liverpool with the Beatles, the highlight of our stay in Liverpool was Dr. Who! Visiting the Dr. Who exhibit temporarily showing at the Liverpool Museum, which is located in an area with loads of historic buildings to check out, was the ultimate experience for my husband, a super fan. While we primarily spent our time in the Dr. Who area, the rest of the museum looked to be worthy of a visit. So much Dr. Who, so little time!

After Dr. Who, we had lunch with Thom’s UK relatives who met us at a lovely restaurant close by and then we were off to the waterfront to catch the Hop On Hop Off bus at its first stop at Albert Dock, where you can find restaurants, the Tate Museum (free!) and the ferris wheel. Since I enjoyed the Hop On Hop Off bus tour in Glasgow so much and it truly is efficient if you have limited time in a city, Thom and I decided to do a tour together in Liverpool.

Admiring all the architecture, including the “streaky bacon” building aka a very striped building, we hopped off to see the Beatles statue, popular for selfies, and the Cavern Club where the Beatles played early in their careers. Liverpool, like many cities in the UK, has loads of universities and is a party town with lots of music clubs. Our tour guide said that Liverpool averages 74,000 students from around the world living there, fueling their economy. This city had the most shopping centers that I’ve seen probably due to their young demographic. Of course, we had to check out the vinyl stores as Thom collects vinyl wherever we go.

We were in Liverpool over a weekend and the bars and clubs had music going on from early afternoon. Waking up to some loud partying in our hotel at 1 am, it seems everyone was having a good time while I tried to sleep. We are definitely not party animals OR foodies. The next day after watching nonstop coverage of the Queen’s passing and King Charles III taking over, we shopped a little and picked up a memorial newspaper and rubber duck for the grandkids and got Subway takeaway for fine dining in our hotel room. How exciting! I want to come back to Liverpool and see all the museums, walk the waterfront, and take a more in-depth Beatle tour-you can even get one in a Beatles-themed Rolls Royce through TripAdvisor. Who knows-maybe we might even go to a club after dark???

UK Parliament

Last time Thom and I were in London, Parliament was in session, so we had the opportunity to observe the House of Lords. This was nirvana for two political junkies like us. It was fascinating to see another government in action with their debates and loud interactions. Lots of standing up and down, shouting “Hear! Hear!” and jeering the opposition party. Very lively indeed!

We saw a different perspective in September as Parliament was out on break, so we got to take a self-guided audio tour throughout the entire Parliament building, including a leisurely wander through both the House of Lords and House of Commons. It was awesome to see Margaret Thatcher’s statue in her heels standing tall among all the men who have run the UK government, truly highlighting the gender gap amongst past leaders. However, they did name a new female Prime Minister, Liz Truss, while we were there. Liz ended up not lasting very long (44 days-a record) and a new male PM, Rishi Sunak, was announced after we left Europe. Truly a time of turmoil for the UK. Wondering if Liz will get the honor of a statue or if her short tenure won’t earn her one. The brutal British press ran a picture of Liz next to a head of lettuce while all this was going on and asked which would last the longest: Liz or lettuce. Lettuce won.

One of the coolest aspects of our time at Parliament was walking around the floor of the House of Commons. Thom enjoyed talking with one of the staff stationed there to ensure visitors didn’t do any damage. When he found out Thom was originally from NYC, they chatted about his trip there and that his lasting memory of NYC was a hot dog. Merits of a NYC “dirty dog” ensued. Next trip, he said he wanted to go to Durango and take the Silverton train, which we have taken twice so we told him it was worth the long trip from London. Just a few hours after we left, some climate protestors went on a similar guided tour and glued themselves to the PM seat in the House of Commons and the police locked it all down. I felt pity for the kind staff member we had spoken to for after we left, he ended up having a helluva day ahead of him peeling the protestors off the furniture.

Two months later…

I was back in London again, this time on a Girls Trip and we got to experience Parliament up close and personal again this time. Parliament was in session, and we were first in line to see the House of Commons debate. Because we were there early, we were allowed to queue up and see the opening ceremonial Speaker’s Procession walk. This procession is very pomp and circumstance with various officials including the Speaker moving past the public and into the chamber. With police along the route monitoring, the public must stand, take off any hats and be silent as the procession moves by. No pictures are allowed. Now, as we were right up front and center for this event, when the Speaker walked by, I gave him a big smile and I got a wink in return. My moment of infamy interacting with UK leadership. I would highly recommend getting there early to see this iconic UK experience.


For history and information on the UK Parliament, check out their Wikipedia page here: Parliament of the United Kingdom – Wikipedia.

Check online to see the Parliament calendar in advance of your trip Lords Recess dates – UK Parliament. This will determine whether you can sit in the gallery and watch the proceedings or, if they are not in session, you can take a tour and see all the chambers.  Both experiences are very interesting, and I highly recommend.