Rainy Day in Seattle

The grey skies are endless in Seattle in the winter but that doesn’t stop us from exploring and having fun.  No way does rain deter true Seattlites-wet is the norm.  So hoods up and off we went!wp_20170204_13_25_12_rich

First up, fueling up on Marionberry Pie Greek Yogurt at Elenos at Pike Place Market. Yum with a capital “Y”.  Okay, so not exactly diet food but Thom and I endulged in a small container, perching at the counter at the market with a view of the ferris wheel all lit up in pink.  Too soon the yummy, creamy treat was consumed and it was off to the Seattle Art Museum.  Taking in “Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series”, this journey illustrates through 60 paintings the mass exodus of African Americans from the rural South to the industrial North in the decades after the First World War.  Stunning.

Artist Jacob Lawrence made Seattle his home and was a professor at UW, actively painting up until his death in 2000.  The MOMA in NYC and The Phillips Collection in DC jointly own his series.  They decided to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jacob Lawrence by coming together for the first time in two decades on the West Coast to present this special exhibit.  Check it out.  Thought-provoking artistic experience.

Reading the story behind each piece, I was struck that our society has not radically advanced from this time in history.  We still see discrimination and the struggle to be treated equally.  We must keep up the fight for equality for all.

After a quick walk through the rest of the second floor, we hopped on the C bus to West Seattle to indulge in another one of our passions, music.  If you haven’t checked out Easy Street Records yet, GO.  Not only for the vinyl selection on the 2nd floor but just to soak up the vibe of good music, good people and good food.  Our old car doesn’t have Bluetooth but it does have a CD player so we have been indulging in buying some music to listen to with the top down this summer should the rain ever stop.  With CD’s from  The Clash and Jonny Lang in hand, we also got a “Greetings from West Seattle” t-shirt for me to wear to the Springsteen concert in Auckland, NZ.  Two more weeks and then we’re off to the South Pacific for rock and beach time.  YOLO!


Getting Old Sucks (not me, of course, I haven’t had a bday for years!)

As I do NOT celebrate another birthday this week, I am surrounded by signs that everyone around me IS getting older and my body is starting to betray me.  WTF!  Dr. Ken was kind enough to work me into his rotation today after I procrastinated months to visit after suffering with shoulder pain.  Dr. K. informed me that, despite overall crazy good health, I probably had a “frozen” shoulder from taking a shove from the well-meaning dog who was jostling for premium positioning on my lap–my 60 pound lap dog that he thinks he is.  Now, in most people’s minds, especially children, “frozen” is cool and popular in the movie sense.  Not so much when that “frozen” settles in your shoulder restricting most movement and requiring assistance, Thank You Thom!, for clothing changes as needed.  What do people do who don’t have lovely partners to assist when the tough times hit?  I can’t even imagine that type of life and hope it never happens to me.  Scary and sad!

Bum shoulder=wine or Aleve but not both
Bum shoulder=wine or Aleve but not both

So, off to the Ortho Dude I go!  Thousands of dollars later despite having insurance, I will probably go through the MRI machine and get some cortisone shots as well.  Now, this also could well be the Curse of the Frozen Shoulder and Izaak was just a pawn in the bigger mystery of the universe.  See, my sis also had frozen shoulder(s) when she was my age, not that I age, so is this just coincidence or a family genetic curse???  Who knows but it hurts like hell and now wine or Aleve are my go-to’s for support to get through a happy day.  However, as the optimistic Dr. K. pronounced, “It could be worse!” So, living up to my motto from way back, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (shout out to Kelly Clarkson who sings it so well!), I will take my pain and put that happy face on it for as long as it takes to heal…WebMD says could take a year.  Blah!  Need to buy stock in Aleve and purchase my own winery I’m thinking.  Hmmm……

Just like the shirt says
Just like the shirt says “Happiness Rocks”

In the meantime, we enjoyed some awesome rock last night as KEXP sponsored a lovely evening of music played off the roof of Pike Place Market and featuring iconic artists:  Mike McCready, Duff McKagan (both from Pearl Jam), Barrett Martin and Mark Arm just banging it out with thousands crowding Pike Place Market on a lovely August evening.  Rock on!

We’re also gearing up for the kids (Baby Mia!) to come and visit us in Seattle over Labor Day–Children’s Museum, Aquarium and playground time galore.  Then, it’s off to Amsterdam for a week of urban fun on our fall vacation.  I foresee lots of biking and lovely photos to share with everyone.  When I tell folks where we are going on vacation, it seems like EVERYONE BUT US has already been to Amsterdam.  Time to catch up with the masses who all love it there.

A few days after we get back, my best friend Patti comes to visit with her husband Larry and we will show them all around our hometown as well as take the train to Vancouver for the weekend.  In addition to a burlesque show at our new favorite club, The Triple Door, we’ll just have to Ride the Ducks with them….SO FUN!  We do like to have fun wherever we go.  Damn, life is good even with a bum shoulder!