Fashion Challenge Ends So Let The Shopping Begin!

Polka dots galore!
Polka dots galore!

If that Banana Republic package filled with 50% off bargains doesn’t show up until next week, then I will have done a decent job not buying any more clothes in January for my challenge.  Damn those seductive emails tempting me with great deals!

Go Seahawks!
Go Seahawks!

How can one resist??  Having gone through 30 days and not worn all the clothes in my closet is a wake up call.  First, I have too many clothes.  Not too many shoes, of course, because there is no limit to how many shoes a person should have in my world at least.  Second, my daughter needs to come and visit me soon to edit my wardrobe and take some outfits home to Boise with her so I can shop again.  It’s all about sustainability and recycling–I’m so “green” I could be Kermit.  Come see me Hannah and, oh, bring along Mia too!!!  Nai Nai needs some Mia time.

This week was all about Super Bowl prep and so I broke my fashion rule not to wear football jerseys to work.   Yes, I caved to peer pressure.  Sue me!   Friday was the company tailgate party complete with Seahawk face painting, fried chicken/potato salad and 12th man dress up contests so, in order to retain my employment, I bit the bullet and wore my China version of Wilson’s jersey to fit in.  I even decorated my boss’s office with Seahawks themed party goods–it looked like a green and blue acid trip.  She loved it!  Score points for me!

Travelling woman-all you need is a scarf and necklace and pretty overnight bag!
Travelling woman-all you need is a scarf and necklace and pretty overnight bag!



I also got to travel to Dallas and enjoy 80 degree sunny weather (for the few minutes I wasn’t working inside a stuffy conference room).  Not that I would ever live in Texas but, hey, at least it’s not cold and rainy.  Not that I don’t love you Seattle but the winter here is gloomy.  Working fourteen hour days and travelling calls for my comfy Toms wedges and size 2 black pants-yep, I’m not delusional and totally realize they must have been labeled wrong but it still feels good.  Still, somehow I’ve lost a little weight not living on carbs like I did in China (didn’t have to worry if it was rat or cat if it was a bakery product there–or at least you hoped)– lots of fruits and veggies here in the good old USofA.    I am loving the huge salad bar at work when I actually take a lunch break.  Chopping up all those veggies is too much work at home so I appreciate it being done for me to enjoy.

This weekend it’s all about the Seahawks hopefully showing that the team that has good karma wins because they don’t cheat.  Yes, I’m calling out the Patriots for their lying, cheating and other bad karma-deserving behaviors.  Seattle will pull together as a team, never stop trying and believing in each other and rally around Russell Wilson.  I BELIEVE!  Go Hawks!

Fashion Challenge of the Week-Tax Prep Outfit

Busy week filled with challenges, both work and fashion.  What exactly does one wear to work on taxes??  January is all about dieting and taxes–oh boy what a fun month!  Trying to squeeze into those tight jeans and squeeze out some money while you’re at it.  I.  HATE.  TAXES.  Having to track down all the forms and document my crazy messy financial life for the last 12 months is HELL.  This year my taxes will be super complicated with living in China AND the US, several rental properties, selling some land and starting two businesses.  Wait, what’s that loud noise….I think I just heard my accountant’s head explode.  Luckily, I have company assistance this year and then next year we go back to Thom’s childhood friend Ronnie who always has done our taxes.  I wish everyone luck as we all wade through trying to make sense of it all.  DAMN, Where’s my wine???

Plaid jacket accented with turquoise long silver necklace
Plaid jacket accented with turquoise long silver necklace
60's Throwback with sweater vest, skull scarf and burgundy jeans
60’s Throwback with sweater vest, skull scarf and burgundy jeans

So, fashion was fun this week as I get to the end of the month of my fashion challenge.  Yes, I do have too many clothes and look forward to my beautiful daughter Hannah visiting so she can raid my closet and take some with her.  More room for new stuff!  Let the shopping begin.

It’s been good to push myself out of my rut of wearing the favorite stuff week after week.  I’ve enjoyed seeing how I can combine new pieces with my endless supply of scarves and necklaces.  Starting my new online business, Decorate Your Neck, is a lifelong dream realized.  I look forward to placing my Spring order soon and bringing even more fun and affordable necklaces and scarves to customers everywhere.  I’m still working on a marketing plan but know that this is the business I was always meant to run.  No one loves accessories more than me!

One day I put together a sweater that I found at a thrift store with my burgundy skull scarf from my store and favorite burgundy jeans with studded shoes.  My boss remarked that I was channeling the 60’s, which was slightly insulting, but whatever… she’s the boss, right?  I’m all for people wearing whatever they feel good in and not judging so I’ll just take that as a backhanded (way, way back) compliment and move on with my fashion life.  I wore jeans ALOT this week because I was in meetings where everyone was very casual.  I’m looking forward to rocking the heels, skirts and pearls next week.  Watch out, Dallas, here I come!  I travel for a couple of days, back for a week to end the month and then off to sunny Scottsdale, after the Super Bowl where the Seahawks WILL WIN.  Those Patriots have all kinds of bad underinflated karma blowing in their direction so I’m fairly confident that the honest team will prevail.  GO HAWKS!
Red accents never go wrong with belt, necklace, scarf adding intereszt
Red accents never go wrong with belt, necklace, scarf adding interest
Classic white shirt with animal print belt for a casual Friday outfit and spiced up with China necklace
Classic white shirt with animal print belt for a casual Friday outfit and spiced up with China necklace

Day Eight Demands Double Sweaters

One sweater was just not enough today. was cold and it was dark this morning as I lay in bed and contemplated the day ahead.  What could I wear that will make me happy AND look good?  After putting on the animal print sweater and wide leg cuffed pants, I just wasn’t warm enough so on went the funky grey sweater vest as well.  Double protection against the chill.  It kept feeling like Friday all day but no, it was only Thursday and tomorrow is not Saturday.  DAMN.  But my Banana Republic sweaters did comfort me all day as I raced from one meeting to another.  Busy, busy!  Though, I have to admit that I did miss wearing a scarf all day but you have to let that neck breathe once in a while so today was my neck’s day off from sporting a soft fashion accessory.  So sad!  Tomorrow, it’s back to wrapping my neck up and decorating it with a lovely something, something from my scarf collection.

Double sweater warmth today!
Double sweater warmth today!

I did get compliments on my Spectacle Necklace that I sell in my online store, which is great validation that I bought the right stock.  My peer loved it so I just took it off and gave it to her.  Probably slightly weird of me to do that but I like to surprise people and give unexpected gifts.  I  hope she really did like it because it’s hers now!  So, when I got home I added a long silver tassel necklace that I can’t really wear at work because it is so long that it gets stuck on my magnetic part of my tablet keyboard.  Hello Melinda–are you stuck on your Surface???  Why, yes, I am!  Awkward!

Want to buy a Spectacle Necklace for your very own so you can get compliments too?  Here you go:

Spectacle Necklace  Available at Decorate Your Neck for $16
Spectacle Necklace
Available at Decorate Your Neck for $16




Day Seven Wearing My Favorite Scarf

I’m sad that I won’t be able to wear my favorite scarf again until my self imposed 30 day Fashion Challenge is over.  Poor me!  Scarves have always been an important part of my “happy outfit place” so much so that this particular scarf was gifted to me by my team who knew me so well and understood how much I would love it.  They so thoughtfully picked it from one of my favorite stores, Madewell, and it has pictures of Paris and London on it because they knew that my dream was to live abroad.  Now, I have never got to even go to those lovely cities yet but little did I know at the time that I would live in China one day.  I cherish this scarf and it looks so damn good to boot.  Score!  And I WILL go to London AND Paris this year…. can’t wait to FINALLY see them.

MacDowell Scarf!
Madewell Scarf!

I dug out my Ugg  heeled booties that were so warm and cozy on a cold foggy Seattle day.  I’ve had these forever and sometimes forget about them but they look good with a skirt so I’ll have to put these to good use while it’s cold.  Pairing my animal print skinny belt (another Banana bargain!) with a denim shirt, I added my wrist beads from China to remind me of my great adventure and off to work I went!  After getting home, my puppy Thor jumped into my arms so he could get a cuddle and be in the picture.  Now, it’s off to the gym to get a little exercise after sitting all day.  I do miss my long walks to/from work in Shanghai for sure.  Once it gets a little warmer, I look forward to getting off the bus at a stop farther away than my close one just so I can get in a little walking.

But, for now, it’s cold and wet here in Seattle so I’ll struggle through the next couple of months until we can get back to our walking habits from China.  I do miss our strolls to explore new places and look forward to walking all over Seattle…. when it gets a little warmer.