The Tarot Cards Don’t Lie!

As the intriguing images were dealt and my Tarot Card story unfolded, I was shocked at the narrative I was hearing.  “You have a new job that is energizing and has far less drama than your old one.”  Yep.  “You have a very good marriage.”  Totally.  “You will write a book.”  Coming soon to Amazon.

DAMN.  She was good.  Now, I’m not saying I’m a true believer.  I’m just open to lots of things that can’t be proven.  I’ve had my palms read in a back alley in Hong Kong and wasn’t all that impressed.  This gal, Eugenia Van Vliet, at the Pink Door in Seattle has been doing this forever.  I believe that she probably is a great observer of people and is a storyteller who loves telling the history of each card.  If nothing else, it was an enjoyable way to spend time on a cold winter evening in Seattle with a friend while drinking a delicious cinnamon Old Fashioned to warm me up.

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The first card dealt, the 4 of Wands, which is the “Lord of the Perfected Work” and is the card of the professionals was followed by the O The Fool card which speaks to a new beginning.  Combo these two up and you have me starting my new job and loving it.  As the cards continued to flow after I shuffled them, the O The Fool came up again and signified that the dog shown on the card was keeping me safe from falling over the cliff with mistakes in this new path.  Cool-I need a four legged sidekick to keep me in check.  Too bad I can’t bring mine to work with me!  The Ace of Pentacles predicted a financial change for the better–does that mean the stock market will recover?  I liked the message of the 5 of Swords-success can be achieved but only through relentless hard work.  That’s always been my motto-I may not be the smartest but I surely will work the hardest.

We primarily talked about my new work gig but touched briefly on the family as well.  The card signifying a great relationship came up twice so we discussed Thom.  A few more cards after and she could tell that he was the creative, sensitive one in our marriage (yes, he cries more it’s true) and would be seeking an artistic outlet soon.  Hmmmm……Thom has been working hard on our book covering our adventures in China.  She even knew that, after seeing the card with an ancient scroll.  How random that this would come up in the course of the reading.  It certainly gave me reason to pause.

I was super happy to hear the prediction that I would be living abroad for work in either London or Dublin in 2-3 years.  Score!  Since we are already planning a trip to Dublin in the fall, I’ll start scouting out neighborhoods.  You just never know with us!  James will be out of law school and living on his own again so it might be time for another adventure abroad.  WP_20160128_18_19_07_Pro 1

If you want to know what your future holds, check out Eugenia in the bar at the Pink Door, Sunday-Thursday from 5-7 p.m.  Interesting stuff!

Pink Door


Pink Doors and Tarot Cards Too

“This is your card-The Hermit.  You must be alone to be happy–there are times you just need to stay away from everyone and enjoy your books.  Your partner must be very understanding.”  Why, yes he is, dear Tarot Card Lady.  Some might say Thom is a saint to put up with me while others say he is the luckiest guy on the planet (depends on the day) but he does certainly know me well enough to ascertain when I need my alone time AND my wine.

After my friend Kurt heard I was going to the Pink Door, a famous watering hole/restaurant near Pike Place Market, he suggested I go early to get a Tarot Reading.  I have never had a Tarot card reading but after my palm reading experience on a dark street in Kowloon, Hong Kong just a few months ago, I am open to new adventures so bring it on….

The Hermit=Me
The Hermit=Me

Further interpretation of my card was being alone but not lonely; lighting the way for others; being a wise teacher and being able to communicate with animals–yes, I’m a moose whisperer.  Always have been!  The Hermit is ruled by Virgo, which of course I am to the tenth degree.  While I wouldn’t describe myself as a Hermit, chords of truth rang out as I watched the cards unfold and be interpreted.  What fun!

As I shuffled the large deck of cards, Eugenia explained that there were a total of 78 cards with 22 major cards and 56 minor cards.  The  Major Ariana (arcana means secrets) cards that were turned over for me were:  The Fool (new beginnings and a new journey-you don’t say!), The Hanged Man (seeing life from a new perspective-maybe from another country??), The Hermit (soul searching and introspection), Judgment (change and transformation)

The Hanged Man=Contemplation & Inner Harmony
The Hanged Man=Contemplation & Inner Harmony

Encouraging that the cards were feeling my HUGE change of new countries, new homes, new furniture, new jobs and the change just keeps coming.  How could the cards NOT feel it???  They were practically flipping over by themselves to reinforce what I already know and am living–life is one big opportunity to embrace and experience.  Why be boring???  The woman bound with not so tight scarf and ropes (hello, 50 Shades, right?) looking to break free and the dude covered in keys signifying a change of address perhaps?? Yep, that’s me alright–nothing can tie me down and the keys just keep adding up as we move from one cool place to the next but always with a water view.

Swords=The Ties That Bind Me
Swords=The Ties That Bind Me

As we came to the end of the nine cards she was going to share as my reading, the Judgment card was revealed.  This signified my rebirth, awakening a part of me that has been dormant but always wanted to come out but never had time.  Immediately coming to mind was my soon-to-be venture as an entrepreneur running my own business (in my spare time) which has always been a dream of mine, put off by no time until now.  More to come on this later but it will be fun, fun, fun!

After the last card was read, I finally admitted to Eugenia that I had just moved from China, started a new job and found a new apartment this month.  She quickly flipped a few more cards as she was getting a strong feeling that I wasn’t done moving yet.  Satisfied by what she saw at a glance, she reassured me that I could unpack my bags and stay for a year or two in Seattle before we moved on to a new location, probably international by what she saw.  Hmmm…. who knows where we could end up??  May have to come back for another reading to see where our next adventure will take us.

Need to peer into your past or future?  Eugenia Van Vliet can be found in the bar at the Pink Door Sundays through Thursday 5 to 7:30 p.m.  The cost is $30 for 30 minutes of discovery.  You can make reservations with her at or just drop by and hope she has an opening.  Whether you believe the cards or not, it’s an interesting journey with Eugenia, who is smart and knows her stuff.  Enjoy!

The Fool has Keys Galore--perhaps moving?
The Fool has Keys Galore–perhaps moving?