Lucky Day 13 of Fashion Challenge-Back in the U.S.A.

Back in the USA!  After a few days in snowy and ridiculously cold weather in Canada, I’m wondering why ANYONE lives there… really???  Parkas and big thermal boots would have to be your fashion statement for months on end…. OH.  HELL. NO.  If there is ever another trip to Canada in my future in the winter (which I certainly will try to avoid) then, note to self, pack some F*@king Boots.  I packed my one of a kind, expensive, handmade boots not my ugly Uggs.  Mistake, big time!  They had smooth leather soles that didn’t work too well on the ice and snow.  My only other packing choice of shoes were heels.  I’m an idiot.  So, I walked carefully and looked forward to getting back to warm Seattle.  At 50 degrees, it is like summer down here vs. Edmonton’s North Pole-like experience.  Brrrrrr…….

Of course, Izaak is the best part of this picture not the outfit.  He is a big hunk of cuddle muffin who likes nothing better than laying his head on my neck so he can feel my pulse and get cozy.  I do miss all my guys when I travel.  It sounds glamorous to those that don’t have to do it very often but life on the road is challenging at best.  Last night as we raced to Vancouver’s security and then customs to get back to the U.S. only to stand in line fretting if we would make our flight (we did by 2 minutes) I kept my co-worker calm when the TSA dude let through a whole group ahead of us because there flight was leaving 5 minutes before ours–these days if you complain too loudly, they will just ban you from the flight for being contrary.  Watch your words and action and always be polite… you get more with honey than vinegar!

Izaak missed me!
Izaak missed me!

So, first day back in Seattle, I brought out the stripes with animal print accents in the form of a warm Banana Republic sweater with a classic black skirt and tights.  Best part of the outfit was the chunky and clunky necklace that turned the outfit into interesting vs. boring.   It makes crazy noises when I walk but I like it.  Sometimes, you just have to walk loud and proud!

I have a standing desk at work now so the Rockport stiletto booties only lasted part of the day and then I had to change into flats to finish it out.  Always be prepared with flats just in case.   I am hoping that standing most of the day will be healthier for me in the long run vs. sitting…. can’t be worse, right?

Just got back from the gym and now settling in to watch American Idol (yes, I’m one of THOSE!) and get more work done.  I know I shouldn’t work so hard but I always feel I need to work harder than anyone else to be successful.  Probably not true, but I have a family to support, so off I go!

Puppies on Parade, Shanghai Style

WP_20131223_004 (1)

The Dogs of Shanghai know how to strut in style. I am having so much fun seeing what wild and crazy outfits the pooches on the streets are wearing each day. I’ll try to share with you some of the best dressed as I see them so you can enjoy them as much as I do.  Dogs always make me smile but when they are wearing bathrobes, it’s puts life into perspective, doesn’t it???WP_20131225_020

I’ve seen everything from rhinestones to jogging outfits to complete ensembles including booties. You don’t see as many large dogs here but the apricot poodle seems to be very popular and easy to dress up like a doll.  The huge Chow pictured here was hanging out in the ancient water town we visited on Christmas but you don’t seem them that big usually.

We had to leave our wonderful Vizsla, Izaak, with our daughter in Boise when we came to China. It not only would have cost us thousands of dollars to relocate him here but the whole travel/quarantine process would have been brutal to his health so we opted to have Hannah and Mike adopt him. He likes to spoon and has been a huge comfort to Hannah as she is napping alot now since she is pregnant. All things work out the way they should but we do miss him so much.


This cutie was protecting a handmade shoe store in Tianzifang Alley.  Sporting the polka dot fashion trend and a Snoopy character t-shirt, he was protected from the chilly weather and strutting his stuff, Shanghai Style.

We are trying hard not to get another dog while we are here but Thom just saw a post on Facebook for a dog needing a home in our complex so you never know…

For those cat lovers out there (James & Thom, not me!), here is a cat gnawing on dried fish cutlet at one of the stores in Tianzifang alley yesterday-yum!