Shanghai here I come!

Just got back from China and will be moving there on 9/23 with Thom to follow on 10/1.  Our original apartment in Lakeville Regency in Xintiendi on the Puxi side of the Hung Pu (river) fell out because the landlord didn’t like our lease terms.  So, this past week, I raced around with Isabella to find another home, this time looking at Pudong, which is on the other side of the Hung Pu. I found a great 3 br/3ba modern apartment in the Shimao Riviera Garden complex, which has an awesome gym with new machines, pools (including indoor and another outdoor wave pool), café, bowling alley, tennis courts, etc. as well as an on property lake that I can run around when it’s not 90+ degrees.  Other cool features of our new home include a private elevator from the lobby, modern kitchen with dishwasher and w/d (most only have a w/d combo which takes forever), a huge master bath with tv over the jetted tub, expansive views of The Bund/Hung Pu, 2,700 square feet (larger than our house was and our current apartment is only 825 square feet!) as well as a maid’s quarters.  Not sure if we will have a maid but Thom thinks it might be cool to embrace the culture and have a maid plus car/driver.   Since there is NO WAY I am going to let Thom drive other there, we may have to have the car/driver or really get to know the metro system. 

I have discovered my new favorite restaurant, Element Fresh, which has what they term as “Western Food”.   Thank goodness they have locations all over Shanghai.  I had some moments when my body did not embrace the new cuisine (definitely not Western Food) this past week at my meetings so I’ll have to be more careful in the future regarding what I eat and drink.  Something about staring eyeball to eyeball with your meal is unsettling and not at all appetizing but that’s just me!

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