Exploring Shanghai’s Music Scene-Harry Potter to One Republic

CD Shop

Music Blackboard

Cannot Be silenced


I am absolutely loving music more than ever since I came to Shanghai. I think it is a combination of watching less TV and thus having more time to just read, write and listen to music plus being exposed to new and different music. I’m listening to my new favorite, Wake Me Up by Avicii that I saw on China MTV. Check it out! We also discovered a “music alley” when we were wandering around this past weekend. Violin and piano shops line this street near the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in the former French Concession area as well as CD shops (yes, not everyone downloads their music apparently) and cute cafés.

We also are starting to get out and see live music. This week we went to the beautiful Shanghai Oriental Center to see the Shanghai Baroque Chamber Orchestra perform the music score from the Harry Potter movies. All you Potter Geeks (yes, Kaplans and Hannah-talking to you!) this was amazing–violinists proudly displaying their house colors, mainly Gryffindor burgundy/gold scarves. Hearing those familiar tones from movies I have seen too many times to count plus the narrator telling the story in Chinese between scores was fascinating. Yes, we were among the few people without kids in tow but we had a great time.Harry Potter Concert

Now, this Saturday we have front row seats to see One Republic at the Shanghai Grand Stage. Two years ago, I got to introduce One Republic when they did a concert at my new store opening in Seattle and as they rocked the parking lot, I got to dance backstage-truly a moment I will never forget. Seeing them again will bring back lots of great memories. Can’t wait to keep on exploring the music scene here. Next up, live jazz in one of the many clubs here in Shanghai!

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