Keeping Warm, Shanghai Style

The weather is finally getting colder and the Shanghai fashionistas are breaking out their winter wear. The coats are beautiful and brighten up these gray days. With everyone commuting long distances to work in Shanghai, you have to wear layers and dress for any type of weather. Today I actually saw some real fur being worn–not sure what type of fur since pretty much all animals are fair game here in China but I was envious just because it looked so warm though I swear I saw a little head peeking out of one of the folds on this particular foxy cape.  A coat to keep you warm AND a pet to keep you company–what a creepy combo!





The shoe story doesn’t really change too much when the weather changes. I still see the stilettos being worn on the street and wonder how on earth these women navigate the uneven streets and dodge the traffic wearing them. You have to be seriously nimble to survive just crossing the street here so I’ll stick to my “commuter” boots that keep me alive and put on the “work” heels after I safely reach the office.  You don’t see the ladies here wearing sneakers with their work outfits like you would on the streets of definitely comes first here over function.


I look forward to getting a fashionable Shanghai coat myself soon like the looks I saw out and about this past weekend. Now, if I could just find functional but fashionable air masks to compliment my outfits like this rocking chick–crazy cute coat PLUS matching mask.  Keeping warm, Shanghai Style!Coat-9499

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