Shanghai Headlines

We love going to Trivia Night at the Camel Bar in Pudong every Tuesday Night.  To make sure we are up-to-date on local news that might be included in the quiz, we read the Shanghai Daily.  Here are some of the fun stories from this past week:

“Smartphones?  Better than sex!”  Love this poll that showed the difference between China and the US in how Chinese women use social media including:  follow boss—China 41% vs. US 8% and find love China 44%  vs. US 12%.  Stalkers aplenty at work and at home!  Yes, of the Chinese women polled, “..almost half of them would rather abstain from sex for a month than give up their mobile devices..”  Hmmmm…..

“Mutton eateries thrive in cold weather”  Who doesn’t want a hot steaming pot of mutton when it gets cold?  Well, no shortage of mutton in China thank goodness because  “Mutton is thought to be a healthy food that reinforces yang, or hot energy, which is considered a masculine force in Traditional Chinese Medicine.”  Who knew—manly mutton???

Let’s take the monkey’s seat too! Ladies Unite!

“Women call for more places to go”  Ladies unite!  It seems that women are rebelling and asking for more toliets in China because “long waits are not good for the health.”  You think?  Also, men are just peeing in the bushes and not even using what toliets they do have here so why don’t we just take over their facilities.  Ladies, join with me to express the need for more seats!

This cat that I saw at the paper store looks happy but who really knows??

“Community love flows for cat rescued from pipe.”  I laugh at how the news stories are not just about the facts—they inject personal opinion and speculation to keep us amused.  This story detailed how “..he’s a happy cat despite all his issues.”  How do you measure a cat’s happiness is what I want to know…quite frankly, most of the cats I have met have a serious attitude but I suppose a few might be considered happy.  Maybe.

“Down jacket saves drunk woman from drowning.”  After a night of drinking, “She was drunk and could not let her problems go…”  I’m thinking that down doesn’t float and when it gets wet, it gets heavy like an anchor but okay.  Still, I wouldn’t recommend a down jacket as my go-to floatation device.

“Commuters go half naked”  Yes, even in China, locals participated in the No Pants Subway Ride recently.  As one guy related, “I want to show that (Chinese people) are internationalized now…But people say I’m a psycho..”  and cold too!

Always entertaining and educational, I’ll keep reading the local news and hopefully our team, the Gryffindor Geeks, will continue to rack up some serious trivia points!

Off to Beijing and Nanjing tonight for work trip…more stories to come as I head up North for adventures!

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