Avoiding the Sunshine in China

Umbrellas come out on sunny days!
Umbrellas come out on sunny days!

When the sun comes out, so do the umbrellas, hats, gloves and long sleeve shirts in Shanghai.  Here, I’m told that as part of the culture, local gals (not the dudes) try very hard to keep their skin as light as possible.  This past weekend, with beautiful sunny weather in the 60’s, we saw the ladies in full protective mode so as not to suffer the ill effects of the rays.

Cover up, the sun has come out!
Cover up, the sun has come out! This lady is adding layers instead of taking them off.

Tonight watching television, one of the ads was for a Vaseline product that promised 4X lighter skin with application.  REALLY??? I find that very hard to believe but, as Thom pointed out, maybe that means if you apply the white cream and don’t rub it in, your skin will be whiter.  Truth in advertising, not so much.

Back in the U.S., where it is still snowing across the nation, sun worshippers would celebrate this warm weather by lathering up with tanning oil and donning their thongs.  Thank goodness, they cover it all up here in China.  Exposing all that bare skin is not only a recipe for skin cancer but most people really aren’t in good enough shape to be sharing their pasty flesh with others.  PLEASE keep it covered!

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