Exercising with the locals

After visiting the hospital yesterday, I knew I should go home and rest but it was a somewhat sunny day out so we opted to try to find a new coffee shop we had heard about.  Caffeine makes everything better!  Along the way, we wandered through parts of Shanghai that we hadn’t previously visited and found a new park that was divided into four zones based on the trees they had planted-spring, summer, fall and winter.  What a great idea and just lovely with all the plants and flowers in full bloom.

My new friend and I exercising in the park.
My new friend and I exercising in the park.

The hospitals are falling apart and dirty but the parks are spotless and meticulously maintained.  Go figure.  I love that exercise equipment is installed in many of the parks so locals can work out and they do, especially the more mature set.  As we entered this park, I saw a lovely lady doing her workout so I thought I would join her.  She probably thought I was crazy but I appreciated that as we filmed this little video, she didn’t run away.  

Fun, right?  I need to find ways to engage more with the culture here even if it means asking the locals if I can join them–I’m dying to be a part of the early morning TaiChi ladies who work out daily at 7:30 a.m. in the park that our apartment overlooks.  Sure, I might get strange looks but I bet they will let me join them if even for one morning.  Maybe one of them will let me borrow a sword to practice with-that will make Thom afraid and James jealous.

I am feeling better today after getting new meds for my bronchitis plus the AQI today is a lovely 72–first under 100 in awhile.  Thom and I are off to experience a new adventure today!


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