When’s the last time you danced at work??

Having fun in Shanghai is always interesting.  When I interview people I always ask them, “Who Likes To Have Fun At Work?”  They sometimes look at me like I have three heads.  Fun.  At Work?  Yes, it is possible but not probable.  I understand that, in any culture, having fun in the workplace is unusual.  It takes special leadership and a special company to embrace this type of workplace but it is possible.  As I walked home tonight around 8 p.m., I stumbled upon a great example of a team that has found a way to bond, have fun AND stay in shape all at the same time.

I can only hope to find folks to hire with this type of energy and coordination because I LOVE to dance at work!  Every day as I walk to and from work, I enjoy seeing couples dancing, ladies marching, guys doing tai chi, etc. as they try to stay healthy in a challenging, generally unhealthy environment.  But the team dancing together this evening definitely wins the prize for “Fun Factor” despite all odds.  I just feel fortunate to have recorded the moment so I get to share with you this slice of every day work life in Shanghai.  I hope this inspires YOU to dance at work, or on the sidewalk or wherever, and have a great time–LIFE IS SHORT, SHAKE IT IF YOU GOT IT!

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