Day of the Doctors

Stop and smell the Seattle flowers!  Life is short-enjoy it!
Stop and smell the Seattle flowers! Life is short-enjoy it!

Today was Doctor Day.  After experiencing the China Medical System first hand and being sufficiently appalled and flat out frightened at their completely outdated facilities/medical equipment, I decided to take advantage of being in the U.S. for a work trip and knock out every medical check up I could think of.  So today, I got injected, poked, prodded, radiated and burned.  Good times!

First up, Dr. Ken entered the examination room and saw Thom and I both sitting there.  “OMG, don’t think I can take both of you two at once!!!”  We love Dr. Ken and he did the ” Double Trouble” George exam providing valuable strong meds for Thom’s chronic back pain (his past youthful indiscretions catching up to him) and reassuring me that it probably wasn’t lung cancer that the China radiology saw on the X-Ray but the CT scan today would tell us for sure.  Damn you China pollution-you suck!  We should know more tomorrow–cross your fingers!!  Upon entering the clinic, Thom gleefully stepped on the scale announcing “160 without clothes” and sure enough (thankfully he left his clothes on for the nurse) but he came in at 166 fully dressed.  Damn that skinny dude!  No one should really enjoy getting weighed.   He didn’t even take off any clothes while I started stripping and kicked off the shoes (no socks because they weigh too much) AND my jacket AND my scarf and still was so depressed to see the numbers keep rolling upward.  WTF!  I’m skipping dinner tonite and probably every night until I shed some poundage.  Of course, $1 pizza and bagels will be allowed on this new diet once we get to Manhattan Saturday and wine is always allowed.  Just saying!

Then, it was race time to get to the skin doctor downtown on time.  Gravity sucks.  Yes, it does dear Dr. T so since you froze that skin cancer off my lip and it hurts like bloody hell, let’s go ahead and stick some needles all over my face and eliminate those wrinkles while we’re at it.  Wine please!  Stay out of the sun always is my advice-get some of that bronzing lotion and you’ll live longer.  Dr. T. did share with me a skin cancer fun fact-Bob Marley died of melanoma skin cancer under his toenail-he thought the streaking under his nail was from stubbing it against his microphone stand while performing.  Learn from Bob and check under that red nail polish for skin cancer!  So, with white numbing gel on my burned lip and red needle marks on my forehead, we raced off to the eye doctor.  I did feel like people moved out of my way quicker with my new truly ugly look going on–should this be my new look when I get back to congested Shanghai so I can get me a seat on the crowded subway???  Probably not.

Dr. G. was quick in determining that my eye “freckle” was not going to blind me any time soon and gave me some free contacts so that stop was a happy one with no pain at all.  Score!  Now I need to go shopping for some cute non-prescription sunglasses to wear with my contacts.  I have Graves Disease with my eyes so I am very sun sensitive and have to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days.  No reason to not look trendy though–I’m going for leopard print ones.  Animal prints never go out of fashion.  I’ve been referred to many times (mainly by my bosses) as a bull dog but I would prefer to resemble a somewhat prettier animal.  Roarrrrrrrr!!!!

Finally, the CT scan was our last stop of the day and Thom decided to get a hip/back X-ray to keep me company–got to love our awesome all inclusive, no limit insurance.  I wish everyone could have this type of medical care and not have to worry about bills.  We are blessed.  As the cheery tech put in my IV and ran the machine over me, I said my prayers and looked forward to eating something.  They do give you warm blankies while you’re laid out getting radiated so that was cozy on a rainy day. Take the comfort where you can get it.

Bagels with James came afterwards since we were so close to Seattle U.  James was busy studying but reluctantly joined us for a little while.  We begged.

James joining us for a bagel after the Day of Doctors.
James joining us for a bagel after the Day of Doctors.


Oh to be a college student with no cares in the world other than learning!  I do hope he appreciates this special time in his life.  I would love to go to school full time again–what fun to just learn and dream of your whole life ahead of you.  Me, I just want to NOT have lung cancer and enjoy my new super cute sunglasses!  Simple wishes.

Not to get all preachy or anything but most people worry about all the little crappy stuff happening in their lives and can’t see the big picture–we get very little time here to make a difference and enjoy all the wonders of this world.  Lighten up and be happy. Make someone’s day, which will in turn make your day.  My motto is:  Expect nothing and appreciate everything.  Cheers!


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