Where’s the Ayi???

Using the Hyatt gym in Seattle to try and stay healthy on the road, we aren’t feeling the love.  At home, we are used to being greeted by an Ayi, who hands you a towel and makes sure the minute you finish your bottled water, another is handed to you while you are on the treadmill.  In the US, you are on your own–no greet, no water bottles and get your own damn towel.    WHAT??  No pool shoes provided, no bathing suit “squeeze out the water” machine in the locker room and where the HELL is my personal hot tub to relax in after a swim??  Oh yes, you might say we are spoiled rotten by the higher level of service found in hotels in China that we are lucky enough to stay at when travelling.  I acknowledge that and feel a great level of appreciation for those perks I have become accustomed to.  It makes up for the polluted water, air and food.  Small trade offs.

Thom's looking for the Ayi and bottled water...keep looking!
Thom’s looking for the Ayi and bottled water…keep looking!

One other bitch about the gym here–you have to walk by the ballroom through a maze of stairs and hallways to get to it in an attached building.  Last night, there was a big shindig going on and since it was from my company, I was afraid to walk by in my gym clothes dare I walk into the CEO or someone I know so we had to find an alternative way to get there by going outside in the rain.  Again, first world problems but still….

Being a Diamond level member of Hyatt loyalty program, I get to visit the Regency Club wherever we stay so we can get treats and beverages.  The Beijing Grand Hyatt Club is huge and puts on a feast every day for every meal with unlimited adult beverages.  Oh Yaaaahhh Baby!  The Seattle Hyatt is being very judgmental and must think I don’t need unlimited wine because when we tried to get in around 9 p.m., it was locked and closed for the night.  Obviously they don’t understand how hard I work.  Room service please!

I will say the room service is better in the US having lived through the Nanjing incident where it took 4 attempts to get milk for my cereal.  Being hermits, we love room service so we have feasted on lobster mac & cheese, crab bisque and Cobb salad, and were mighty impressed at the yumminess factor.  I almost licked the bowl after finishing the cheesy crab bowl of heaven.  After that meal, we need to go back to the gym and work out a little more.  On to NYC tomorrow so we’ll be walking all over town from Central Park to Madison Square Park, checking out all our favorite haunts.  HELLO MANHATTAN!!!  HERE WE COME!!

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