Going Home

On my walk last night to find food and enjoy the rare blue sky in Beijing, I took a back road by the canal near the Westin.  There is a large construction site there and nearby a large group of workers had gathered, talking and laughing.  You could see relief on their faces that it was Saturday night and tomorrow would probably be their only day of rest for the week.  As I walked by, I saw a bus in the distance and realized they were all waiting for a ride back home.  Suddenly, some of the workers broke away from the larger group and started running towards the bus, probably to ensure a seat since there were so many people for only one bus.  The driver was not deterred by the rush of people and kept on rolling down the street toward the “official” bus stop, ignoring the rush of workers.  I thought about how hard the life is for the workers, probably living away from their families, and reminded myself to be more appreciative of the life I have been given.  Watch this video and you may feel the same way-enjoy: 


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