News So Crazy It Has To Be Real-Who Could Make This Up???

The news made it’s usual trip to crazy town this week in the “Around China” section of the local newspaper so I thought I would share with you this collection of news briefs that showcase the absurdity of human behavior:

“Big rooftop house measures 1,630 sq m”.  So this illegal house was “discovered” recently though it was erected between 12/2012 and 4/2013.  Was it under an invisibility cloak all this time?  Did it just fall out of the sky on top of the building when no one was looking?  In typical fashion, “Local urban management officials could not stop the project because they didn’t meet with the owner, though they attempted to.”  Not surprisingly, the owner “cannot be found” but the house remains as testament to the craziness of the housing industry here.  Anyone need a room with a view?  Anyone want to bet that the urban management officials have moved in until the owner returns to keep it safe?

“Wife seeks divorce from blabbermouth husband.”. Yes, that’s a quote.  Seems the hubster was sharing details about their sex life with his parents. Now, men here are very attached to their family and all but this is a little too much sharing.  The court supported the woman’s request based on her plea that there was “no understanding between them and they had a poor emotional foundation.”  You think?

“Man drinks own urine for ‘treatment’ for 24 years.” This retired “official” (inquiring minds wonder what he was officially In charge of?) has now been diagnosed with kidney failure at age 88.  He said he “felt good for first 20 years” but now, not so much.  “Experts said there is no scientific basis to believe that drinking urine improves health.” Now, there’s some good news.

And finally, don’t come rushing to visit me to get your surgery done when you read this one:

“3-D printing used in surgery for first time.”. A hospital in a province that shall not be named has become the first to “experiment” with 3-D printing technology in vascular surgery.  Yes, Doctor, please experiment on me too and print me out a new heart or hip.   So cool.  Let’s see if it works after you cut me open.  Beautiful.  I bet they could work you in to the surgery schedule too if you ask nice.


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