Dining in the sky anyone? Only in Shanghai!


High Tea

High Tea for Everyone

Is this crazy or what???  I actually saw this happening on Friday when I was at a business lunch a few blocks away.  At first, we thought it was workers being lifted to a construction site but then, they stayed in the same place, hoisted above the city, for quite awhile.  Then, I see this article on the front page of the Shanghai Daily explaining that this is just a restaurant stunt and a very over the top way to show your status by dining in the sky.  Three courses for lunch, no less!  And you just know that they were drinking the whole time.  I can only imagine the tipsy patrons after the next stunt–a seven course wine dinner.  Perhaps the restaurant will provide not only food and alcohol but nets and bouncy mattresses on the ground below to catch the guests if they tip over.   This is just nuts–eating and drinking while hoisted by a crane with no doubt limited safety features.  When in China!  Only in China!


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