Zumba-Shanghai Style

So, it took me coming to China to go to my first Zumba class!  NOOOOOOO, I couldn’t go in Seattle where there are Zumba classes on every corner.  I kept making lame excuses and not finding the time to make it happen.  FINALLY, I forced myself to go to the free classes conveniently held in our apartment complex gym on Saturdays, which is one of the few Zumba classes offered in Shanghai. Somehow booty shaking Zumba is not as popular as the meditative Tai Chi classes, which Thom and I will go to on Sunday.

My First Zumba Class!
My First Zumba Class!

Zumba was PACKED with women and children-must be the most popular class they teach.  An over-the-top peppy local with endless energy and smiles led us on a hour journey through Bollywood, swing, Bruno Mars and Latin dance moves.  The crowd consisted of 6 to 60 year olds all able to perform the shakes and shimmies with varying degrees of execution.  I immediately went to the back corner of the room, introducing myself to the other wallflower hiding in the corner.  She was from Finland and it was her first class too.  Together we awkwardly followed the swinging hands, hips and head motions that worked up a sweat.  Luckily nobody cared what we were doing because they were having so much fun.   Some of these women were in tip top shape and could bounce a quarter off their abs while others had enjoyed too many carbs in China like me.  I think the diversity here in this class was probably more pronounced than in the U.S. but who knows since I never got my lazy butt to a Zumba class there.

In general, I felt like I got maybe one of many of the moves “right” but it was a good workout that gave my all over muscles a beating.  I am sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.  Of course, it’s “Monday Massage Night” soon so we are going to use our gift certificates that expire soon to get two hours of pampering–oils, hot stones, foot massages, OH MY.  Ahhhhh….

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