Shanghai Farewell Tour-Newfound Love for Martini’s

With my best buddy Patti along for the martini tour, we have been sampling Shanghaitini’s as often as possible.  Believe it or not, Patti had NEVER EVER tasted a martini before in her whole entire life.  WHAT???  I am so honored to be able to be the one to initiate this martini virgin into the ways of the tini.

Appletini and Me
Appletini and Me

Of course, first stop was Morton’s who has an incredible Happy Hour with a variety of martini’s with unlimited steak sandwiches too for only 45 RMB.  What a bargain for strong alcohol and bloody meat that won’t kill you.  SCORE!  That being said, don’t ever eat off the menu at Morton’s cause it will cost you a fortune.  Still smarting from that $350 US dinner bill we had this year after I failed to realize just how expensive steak is in China.  Never again, Thom!  I don’t care how good that filet mignon was, it’s not made of gold.

But back to the alcohol….While I used to avoid any drinks with ice and any drinks that even touched ice to cool down the alcohol due to the water toxicity in the ice, I have since gotten over it and embraced cold cocktails in China.  Bring on the margarita’s and martini’s–I am fearless AND stupid now.

Patti enjoying the second martini of her life at Blue Marlin
Patti enjoying the second martini of her life at Blue Marlin

With a cinnamon sugar rim and a nice pour, Patti enjoyed her first sip and that was it.  A martini fan was born.  Though I still drink martini’s too fast vs. sipping wine, I feel a need to mix up my alcohol choices.  A woman doesn’t live by wine alone but, I guess you could.

At the Blue Marlin (where we have been eating free for months due to winning a 2500 RMB gift certificate at the Irish Ball), we decided a martini tasting was in order.  While the rim was only sugar, the taste was still there–sweet and sour and green all over-yum.  Looking forward to tasting more martini’s in Seattle when I return.  I’m betting Patti finds a martini bar in Indiana to continue tasting Appletini’s Midwest Style.


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