Shanghai Farewell Tour-Be The Duck

THE BIG DUCK HAS ARRIVED!  Back in Shanghai after furiously working for two weeks at the new job in the U.S., Thom and I didn’t waste time getting out and about on a beautiful sunny blue sky day on Saturday.  Destination–the big Duck.  Yes, the famous Duck had arrived to sit on the pond in Century Park and be admired by millions of selfie happy locals.  Twenty deep in some spots close to the big dude, we weaved our way up close to take our photos as well. If there were more ducks on display, the world would be a happier place.

My, what a big duck you are
My, what a big duck you are

The duck has special meaning to me as one of the courses I taught had a “Be The Duck” theme and I decorated with plastic yellow duckies everywhere for ambience.  I will probably be forever known as the duck lady to my classes but, as long as they remember to be calm like the duck on the outside when presenting material while paddling furiously unbeknownst to the seeing eye, I’m okay with that.  I still carry my own little duck in my briefcase to remind me daily–kind of like a “never let them see you sweat” mantra.  It works. It also makes me smile every time my bag hits my leg and quacks a little.

Be The Duck
Be The Duck

After the duck encounter, and really, who doesn’t love a duck, we headed over to the AP market to make someone’s day.  You see, we’ve decided to do a little import/export business selling accessories back home.  We’ve made some great connections here and when someone compliments you on the $4 necklace you bought and asked if you got it at Anthropologie and did it cost $88, well, you know you’ve got a business just begging to be created.  My friend Patti and I will work with Fiona, our language teacher here, to buy, ship and sell lovely scarves and necklaces.  We’ll use our profits to fund more travel adventures and possibly have James assist so he can earn money to pay for law school.  More to come as we transition to Seattle and get it up and running!

Walking miles back to the apartment, ’cause that’s what we do, we soaked up every detail and smell on the streets.  Oh how I have loved living here and, yes, it feels like home.

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