Lower Queen Anne is HAPPENING!

Musical artists were featured all over Seattle Center in small and large venues..
Musical artists were featured all over Seattle Center in small and large venues..

Sorry you folks who live in the sleepy ‘burbs or, God forbid, in the country boonies because YOU.  ARE.  MISSING.  IT.   Yes, I am an urban snob.  Seriously, I can walk out my door in Lower Queen Anne and be surrounded by crazy talented musicians at the Northwest Folk Festival or go up the block and attend The Seattle International Film Festival at the Uptown.  DONE.  As Thom quipped, Seattle forecast this weekend:  Cloudy with 100% chance of aging hippies..all sporting too tight tie dye t-shirts and dreadlocks from another era.  So fun to people watch!

Kids-this is NOT a pool, it's a fountain but, hey, I can smell the chlorine from far away so go for it!
Kids-this is NOT a pool, it’s a fountain but, hey, the chlorine smell is actually stronger here than the weed so go for it–probably healthier for you!

This weekend was particularly crazy in our hood with people streaming into town to enjoy the cultural overload–hippy dippy drum circles or serious foreign films, pierogies or elephant ears–pretty much everything could be had within a short walk.  Of course, having all those food vendors was an absolute necessary for festival goers who pretty much got high just by being there among the clouds of weed drifting by.  Yes, there were cops here and there and signs reminding folks that smoking grass in public is still not legal in Seattle.  Really???  Could have fooled me but you put that much tie dye in one place and shit is bound to happen and does.

We walk the dogs through Seattle Center every day multiple times and they treat those lawns, where everyone is lying around this weekend, as their private toilet–note to future festival goers:  you might want to bring a blanket next time or you will be in close contact with Izaak and Thor’s DNA.  Lesson learned.

I love the Uptown... great place to grab a film at the SIFF.
I love the Uptown… great place to grab a film that is part of the SIFF.

The lines outside the Uptown theater speak to the great support that Seattleites give to the SIFF-a very well orchestrated film festival that goes on for weeks featuring indie films at venues all over town.  I just wish I could go see Kevin Bacon in the flesh on Wednesday when he makes a special appearance to support his film showing.  Damn-got to go cheer on the Sounders to a win instead.  Too much good stuff going on to take part in!!  We are rarely home and, when we are, I know we are missing out on something good.  So, time to take to the streets and check out the remaining acts as the incense/tie dye/corn on the cob merchants wind down and pack up and move on to the next festival.  Party on Lower Queen Anne!


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