Oh the places we’ll go….

Yesterday, an awesome person I hired four years ago sent me a picture of herself in that happy moment along with some kind words-she has gone on to quite a career since that time.  It made my day.  That got me all nostalgic and reminiscing about everything Thom and I have experienced since then and how it has shaped who I have become.  Fearless I am after all that we have faced from Seattle to Shanghai and back again!

Patti & I hanging on for dear life in the boat in Beijing
Patti & I hanging on for dear life in the boat in Beijing

After living apart for a year so I could join a great company when the opportunity presented itself,  the family finally joined me here with James going off to Seattle U. and us selling the house we designed in Coeur d’Alene where the kids spent the majority of their childhood years.  I still miss that hot tub with a view of the mountains and fireplace in the master–we built a great house. Damn!

Great sadness came when my Dad passed over Labor Day and I still miss him so much.  I’m happy that Mom is doing so well living in South Bend and still looking good and playing bridge at 90.  They live long in my family! Grandma Hannah made it all the way to 99 still living by herself.

Four generations of Hoyt women
Four generations of Hoyt women

Soon after, I had the great privilege of opening my store and introducing the Black Keys and One Republic at my store concerts-what fun that was to dance backstage.  Since then, I’ve seen One Republic play in Shanghai and Orlando and they still rock it.  Big perk of my job is seeing great talent over the years at many concerts–Lady Gaga, John Legend, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Allen Stone and the list goes on…and on…such talent to enjoy!  I have no musical gifts so I appreciate those who are able to entertain us all.

Allen Stone and I hanging out at his private concert for my company.  Cool dude!
Allen Stone and I hanging out at his private concert for my company. Cool dude!



While we enjoyed Seattle, we embraced our NYC adventure with great enthusiasm.  Oh what fun we had while there for the brief six month assignment!  Times Square every day for work and LOTS of Broadway plays with weekly trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Christmas in the city took my breath away and the kids came to share it all.  I still get to go back occasionally for business and always fill up on the carbs I love so much-$1 bagels and $1 pizza are my guilty pleasures.   We still visit the Madison Square Park dog park every time we go to NYC-Izaak spent many happy hours there playing with the other urban pooches.  I hope some day to live there again-you never know.

Izaak's favorite place in NYC-Madison Square Dog Park
Izaak’s favorite place in NYC-Madison Square Dog Park

Then, of course, China was the best experience ever.  I still stay in touch with my China team and wish I could be there to support them.  At times, it seems like a dream that we lived there but I remember the little details so well–our smiling doorman, the fruit lady on the corner, the dancing groups on every corner every evening, our dvd store with the best looking dog in Shanghai hanging out front always.  Our jaunts to Vietnam and Hong Kong were so fun and always filled with quirky wonderful moments.  My best friend, Patti and her husband got to visit as well as James spending his holidays there.  Thom is working on our book that will combine our blog posts and his amazing pictures.  Goal is to have ready by end of the year and I encourage (nag!) him daily to finish so we can share with family & friends.  We’ll publish on Amazon to help other expats going to China.

Golden retriever that was the house dog at our DVD store in Shanghai
Golden retriever that was the house dog at our DVD store in Shanghai

Now, we are back to Seattle as we are meant to be, supporting James while he goes to law school and being in Boise often to see Hannah and Mike and watch our granddaughter, Mia, grow up.  As I gaze upon Elliott Bay from our lower Queen Anne home, I am realistic that this is just a temporary stop in our worldwide adventure and that’s okay.  I am appreciative and loving it for now.   In a few weeks, we will take off to explore Amsterdam.  FUN!  Our dream one day is to live in 12 different countries in 12 months…don’t know when that will happen but as I look back on the incredible journey the last four years, I know anything is possible if you allow yourself to take risks and I’m all over that!  Here’s to the next four years (raising my glass of vino)–may they be filled with great appreciation for all that life can offer.  Carpe Diem all!

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