Go Hillary Go!

Go Hillary Go!  Please just win this thing and let’s be done with all the drama and stress and childish behavior.  It’s frightening me.  Seriously.  I have nightmares about Trump leading our nation.  What an embarrassment!  There is no telling what the hell he would do but there is NO WAY it would be good for us.  He is promoting violence, racism and truly resembles the rise of Hitler.  What are the people that support him thinking?  I understand there are masses of uneducated voters but do these people not have any heart or soul?  Why can’t we just love all humans regardless of race or religion?  So, so sad.

Too bad I live in a high-rise or I would have taken one of these home with me!


Anyway, enough of my Trump rant.  I’m seriously trying to stay away from the news because it is so disturbing and the media just allows him so much air time to promote his hateful ideology because it drives up their ratings.  I will do what I can to support Hillary including making calls to voters, donating money and praying.  A lot.

The night her headquarters opened up in Seattle, I was there dialing up caucus support on an ancient flip phone provided by the young lady running the volunteers.  She was truly dedicated and passionate.  She quit her job and has been moving all over the country to work for Hillary.  Oh to be young and such a direct contrast to the age of the voters I was dialing with an average age of 70.  I did have a few great conversations convincing folks to go to the caucus on May 26th and have their vote count for Hillary.  I worry that these “seasoned” folks won’t understand the importance of everyone showing up because the college crowd will be there in spades.  And not for Hillary.   The “feel the Bern” is strong here with even my son supporting him–promises of free college tuition and waiving college debt are speaking loudly to these students’ empty bank accounts.  How you goin’ pay for it all, Bern?  Nice dream but get real and stop smoking that weed, dude!

Opening night at Hillary’s headquarters in Seattle. 


November can’t come soon enough for me.  I can only pray that folks here come to their senses and vote someone into the Presidency that won’t ruin our economy, start a race riot or piss off other countries who want to kill us now when we are friendly let alone when we are saying and doing crazy stuff.  God help us!  Go Hillary Go!

Cupcakes not violence is my motto!

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