Downtown Seattle Park Fun

Last year in NYC, we frequented Bryant Park near the library and wandered through their reading room area where you can pick up a book or magazine and relax.  The gaming area was teaming with energetic groups enjoying ping pong and boce ball.  The café style setting allowed weary travelers a place to chill out.  I remember telling Thom that Seattle should try this out and make better use of public space for everyone to enjoy.  Now you can visit Westlake Park in downtown Seattle and experience the same family fun atmosphere!WP_20160416_16_31_29_Pro 1

We wandered through today on our way back home after picking up a book being held for me at the Seattle library-Mozart in the Jungle (now a fantastic series on Amazon).  All I can say is:  About bloody time, Seattle!  Once a place only for junkies and protests and a place to be avoided at all costs, now Westtlake Park is equipped with fun stuff and might even become a destination for both locals and tourists after shopping downtown at Pike Place Market.

From ping pong and foosball tables, lawn chess and table chess, and a bean bag toss that Thom and I tried out, there was something for everyone in the crowd from kids to seniors.  In addition to those activities, there were magazines to read and a jungle gym for the youth to climb all over and exert some energy.  I love it!

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