Hiking Waiheke

Up, down and all around Waiheke Island we went this week and everywhere we looked were amazing South Pacific views and surprises along the way.  Sometimes we just got lost and wandered into private driveways, hugged the narrow side of the roads with no sidewalks in sight or took the “tramping track” on beaches and through forests.  What fun AND great exercise!

Stunning views from the cliffs

Of course there were moments when I didn’t think I could go another step or climb another hill.  Yes, Waiheke Island is one rolling hill after another and there are stunning views from the cliffs as a result but the journey can be challenging no doubt.  Thom would break into singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go, we’re lost again oh no..” as we hoped that the journey would end before we passed out from exhaustion and hunger.  Note to self-pack food 0n these excursions because we always get lost and several hours later stumble upon civilization starving.

The “double finger salute” after we got lost and had to climb yet another hill

First, we hiked a steep trail along the water by the wharf but then decided to veer off onto what looked like a country road though we soon found out at the top of the hill that it was a private driveway for the stunning homes overlooking the bay.  Oops!  Out onto the road, we stumbled upon WWII bunkers and observations compounds.  Though they never needed to take any action, the islanders were ready just in case of invasion.  I hope #45 doesn’t start another world war but Waiheke will be ready just in case.

On other days, we walked the width of the island from Shelley Beach to Palm Beach which is about 3 miles.  It always looks closer on the maps but once we start out, we are pretty committed to finish the walk. When we walked to the wineries though, and I had completed several tastings of excellent island vino, I insisted we take the bus home because the fitbit was already showing 5 miles logged for the day.  I’ll actually come home from vacation feeling fit and losing weight from all our excursions.

Today was the best walk of all-we took on Te Ara Hura.  This walkway runs along the northside of the island from Oneroa to Palm Beach.  We started on the beach at Oneroa and lost the trail so we double backed to the street section and found our way through woods with LOTS of steps up the hillside hugging the coastline.  Thankfully at Little Oneroa Bay there were facilities and a snack store to get the best popsicle in the world-some lemon, orange, coconut creation that made me swoon.  Off again, up and down we went for miles until finally, as my energy was flagging, we hit the down trail to Little Palm Beach.  This “clothing optional” beach has sand so fine and water so warm and clear it makes you never want to leave.  The cool waters were a wonderful respite from the heat and sweat from the five mile walk.  Ahhhh……another day in paradise!

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