Forte di Belvedere

When we were recently in Florence, a friend told us to check out Forte di Belvedere, also known as Fort of San Giorgio. So, as we were climbing down from the top of Boboli Gardens, we saw a sign to exit via Forte di Belvedere and decided this would be a great detour to take. A cheerful guard waved us in and asked if we were there for ‘the view”. Sure! He gave us free tickets for the patio (there is a cost to tour the fort) and we navigated some very ancient ramp steps upward to find a lovely patio overlooking the city with stunning views, comfy furniture, bathrooms and table service for drinks from coffee to booze and snacks. What a lovely place to rest after walking all over Boboli Gardens!

Here’s the lowdown on this historical site that was built in Florence in 1590 at the request of Grand Duke Ferdinand I. In the late sixteenth century, the Medici’s were in power but decided they need a fortress to protect them from possible external and internal attacks. The fort could be reached by the Medici family, in case of emergency, from their Palazzo Pitti through the Boboli Gardens. Sounds like they were a little paranoid and probably rightly so.

But, despite the possible threat to their safety, the Medicis had to enjoy those views! Not only of the Duomo but you get 360-degree views from the patio and back grassy area. What a beautiful place for a wedding or concert! I’ve been to Florence before and researched our trip extensively this time and never knew about this fabulous place until a friend told us so I’m happy to pass on this hidden gem so that you can check it out next time you visit Florence. Arrivederci!

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