Top 5 Travel Packing Tips

I recommend you pack only a carry-on for whatever length of time you are travelling. Seriously, I went all over Europe last fall for 30+ days with only a carry-on. And this was a multi-purpose trip for me-I work remote, so I had to look business-like on virtual meetings and also had personal time off to enjoy sightseeing with my husband. If I can do it, so can you! Don’t be disappointed by lost baggage or sustain injuries caused by dragging around and lifting heavy luggage. If you follow my best practices, learned from travelling all over the world with only a carry-on, you will thank me. Enjoy the journey!

Here we go: (downloadable travel checklist here Packing Checklist – Travels with Melinda)

  1. Pick a color palette and coordinate your outfits around it. I use black as the base and plan pops of color with scarves and jewelry. I envy people who can wear white shirts but mine just end up with stains so white is a no go for me.
  2. Try out the clothes in advance of the trip to see if they are comfortable and won’t wrinkle. When you wear them, are they comfortable and do they make you feel good? If so, take a picture to remember the look and put it in your packing list file. I’m a planner and start updating my basic packing list months in advance of any trip depending on where I am going and expected weather conditions.
  3. Lay out your 5 outfits (this is for any length of trip over 5 days) on the bed-tops, bottoms, underwear, socks, jewelry, scarves, etc. Then, see if you can mix and match them to create new looks.
  4. Wash the chosen travel outfits in the sink and hang them to dry to test their worthiness before the trip. If they don’t dry overnight or dry but with terrible wrinkles, don’t pack them. That includes socks and underwear too. You may have the luxury of a washer at an ARBNB, but you probably won’t have a dryer at least in Europe and, if you’re at a hotel, you may be washing in the sink using handy laundry soap sheets that are easy to pack.
  5. Check the weather right before you go and adjust outfits as needed. Don’t need that umbrella and poncho? Great! Do need hat and gloves? Pack them. You don’t want to be cold, wet and miserable, so better to be prepared.

 More details on exact items I recommend for the best travel experience can be found on my website: Travel Essentials – Travels with Melinda.

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