Adventures in Boise!

From discovering an innovative wine bar to shopping downtown boutiques to walking the Greenbelt and more, our weekend in Boise could not have been better.  I love my Seattle but, for a small town, Boise has it all even for urban-loving adventurers like Thom and I.  Where to begin?  With wine, of course!

Bodovino in downtown has an innovative concept for a wine tasting experience that I had never seen before and, you know, I DO get around.  You load up cash onto a chip card and then insert loaded card into a bank of wine bottles hooked up to spouts so you can pay for a taste ($1-3), a half glass ($4-6) or a full glass ($6+) of over 140+ varieties of wine.  Damn, what a great idea!  Hannah and I enjoyed a lazy Friday afternoon sampling the wares.  They even have tasty food if you’re hungry.  We shared a “Frenchy” flat bread with apples, brie, bacon and honey with a salad.  They are opening a branch at the Meridian Mall but they REALLY need to come to Seattle! 

After finding the best wine bar in Boise, we decided the next morning to check out The District, a coffeehouse with not only strong caffeine but cozy atmosphere and friendly baristas.  Score!  Of course, first we checked out the farmer’s market that happens every Saturday downtown.  From lemon squares the size of my head to veggies/flowers to crafts, the downtown streets are blocked off for hordes of shoppers.  I found a $5 Scrabble tile ring that I just love.  We also discovered a hat and accessory shop, Crazy Neighbor, on Grove St., where Thom got the perfect porkpie-style hat he has been wanting to get for so long.  They also had great necklaces, scarves and bowties.  My kind of store!  I love exploring new areas of town-this one is in the Linen District.

But after wine, coffee and shopping, it was time to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and great outdoors so on Sunday we walked from downtown to the Anne Frank memorial by the Library! and onto the Greenbelt by the Boise River.  Our Fitbits needed to hit 10,000 steps before we stopped so off we went.  Not only did we enjoy the water views but the trail took us right by the outside of the Boise Zoo where we were able to catch two giraffes out and about.  What a great way to end our fun adventures in Boise!Boise zoo