Day Seven Wearing My Favorite Scarf

I’m sad that I won’t be able to wear my favorite scarf again until my self imposed 30 day Fashion Challenge is over.  Poor me!  Scarves have always been an important part of my “happy outfit place” so much so that this particular scarf was gifted to me by my team who knew me so well and understood how much I would love it.  They so thoughtfully picked it from one of my favorite stores, Madewell, and it has pictures of Paris and London on it because they knew that my dream was to live abroad.  Now, I have never got to even go to those lovely cities yet but little did I know at the time that I would live in China one day.  I cherish this scarf and it looks so damn good to boot.  Score!  And I WILL go to London AND Paris this year…. can’t wait to FINALLY see them.

MacDowell Scarf!
Madewell Scarf!

I dug out my Ugg  heeled booties that were so warm and cozy on a cold foggy Seattle day.  I’ve had these forever and sometimes forget about them but they look good with a skirt so I’ll have to put these to good use while it’s cold.  Pairing my animal print skinny belt (another Banana bargain!) with a denim shirt, I added my wrist beads from China to remind me of my great adventure and off to work I went!  After getting home, my puppy Thor jumped into my arms so he could get a cuddle and be in the picture.  Now, it’s off to the gym to get a little exercise after sitting all day.  I do miss my long walks to/from work in Shanghai for sure.  Once it gets a little warmer, I look forward to getting off the bus at a stop farther away than my close one just so I can get in a little walking.

But, for now, it’s cold and wet here in Seattle so I’ll struggle through the next couple of months until we can get back to our walking habits from China.  I do miss our strolls to explore new places and look forward to walking all over Seattle…. when it gets a little warmer.