Hurry up and wait…and enjoy the many holidays while you’re at it!

Rush, rush, rush–rush home from China to get the passports to the Consulate in San Fran for Work Visa processing, rush to Fed Ex to overnight them and then rush back to Fed Ex because, by the way, they need our official marriage certificate…. then, oh  forgot to tell you that China has decided that they can’t be “rushed” any more so you’ll have to wait four business days now for your passport to return.  But wait, there’s the Moon Holiday so the Consulate is closed for two days to eat Mooncakes.  Get used to it, I tell myself.  Enjoy the journey that my passport is having while I wait for it to return because this is life in China…hurry up and wait.

So, on the one hand, as a retailer I can admire the government mandate that they won’t be rushed and that they enforce taking off work so they can shop on the many holidays (Singles Day-TY on 11/11-drove $4 billion last year in online sales-wow!) but as a Type A 24/7 worker, I’m not sure I’ll have an easy time adjusting to all this time off but I’ll give it a go. 

Everyone comes back to work for a week and then it’s off again for another week to celebrate National Holiday (or Golden Week) from Oct. 1-7, at which time my passport will have been surrendered for more Work Visa processing but this time in China, where I will be sequestered for up to a month.  

I have a feeling I will be nervous until I get the official “blessing” on the Work Visa and get my passport back.  When you travel abroad, your passport becomes your identity and your most valued possession.  Without it, I feel a little lost. 

So, Good Night my dear passport, hope you’re having fun in San Fran and enjoying some delicious Mooncakes while you’re at the Consulate for the holidays!  Hurry home.


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