I can’t believe I just saw that….

There are moments, usually when we are out wandering the streets, that Thom and I look at each other, laugh and say, “Did you see that?”  Here are some of those moments: 

*Walking along Nanjing Road, a busy upscale shopping road, the man walking his pet monkey with a leash got a few stares including us.  Just wish we could have gotten a picture but it happened so fast.  

*Squat toilets…nuff said, right?  BYOTP and LOTS of hand sanitizer.  Definitely in public restrooms but even in some shopping malls.

*Poodle dressed in PJ’s.  Not even kidding.  Got picture proof! 

*People snipping each other’s toe nails in public park…sorry but that’s just wrong. 

*Concierge at Westin–“No, you cannot walk there.  You must take taxi.” after we asked for walking directions to a park.  Many do not think that Westerners should walk anywhere and, truthfully, Thom and I are usually the only “Western” ones out on the streets but please don’t tell me I can’t walk for miles because walk we shall! 

*Cars on the highway and boats on the river with no lights…in the dark…crazy.   Flashlights and duct tape anyone?

*Thom and I being photographed by tourists as an attraction because we are Lao wai’s (foreigners) 

*Toddlers being held up by their mothers so they can relieve themselves into public trash cans-yep, saw more than one today. 

*Crazy bike contraptions, whether pedal-power or motorized, to get everyone around.  Will post pic!

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