Just another night in Shanghai with free-flowing Cognac and The Dickpunks

Hennessy Artistry Concert
Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena

Free VIP Tickets and Free Hennessy cognac cocktails!  Hello, date night!  Thom and I experienced another side of Shanghai last night attending the Hennessy Artistry concert at Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena.  Walking the red carpet and entering as VIP’s thanks to one of my co-worker’s connections, once again we were spoiled to be standing right by the stage to enjoy artists from around the world.  Most were winners of X-Factor like contests and all were wonderful including Rebecca Ferguson from the UK and The Dickpunks from Korea.  Yes, that’s really their names and they rocked it out with a Beatles-like feel and look.

Thom enjoying the view by the stage.
Hipster famous China rock star hanging with us by the stage. Love the bow tie and plaid jacket!

The hipsters were out and rocking all the latest fashion.  I saw lots of sequins, Doc Martens, skinny pants, boots, bow ties, plaid and Thom was rocking his kangol hat.  At one point, they interviewed one of the performers next to us at the bar by the stage.  Thom, looking so cool, was standing next to her and showing his big smile up on the jumbotron for all to see.  He is so spoiled!  Then, a band from China complete with silver metallic leggings tucked into their boots and fur accented jackets stood next to me to get their press pictures taken.  Since we were one of the few Laowai’s there, I think  they liked including us in their press photos.  We made a friend from France who was with the event coordinator and Thom enjoyed talking Shanghai expat stories with him.  When he found out we moved over here without ever having visited, he remarked how “brave” we were.  He was probably really thinking that we are crazy but what an interesting life you can lead when you appreciate every moment of every day as an opportunity to experience new things!

I, of course, worked my way up to the special leather couches up front only to be told politely that this area was reserved seating for the Hennessy executives at the event.  No problem!  The lovely event coordinator introduced me to her boss, who was rocking thick black framed glasses and a fedora plus a metallic shirt, and we became friends when I won him over with a big smile.  You do get much better treatment when you’re nice vs. acting entitled or being demanding.   He escorted us to the bar instead to enjoy “the best seats in the house” PLUS immediate access to the various complimentary cognac cocktails being liberally pushed upon us because, after all, the concert was really a big marketing event for Hennessy and extremely well done to seduce all the rich Chinese to buy their liquor.  I was happy to sample the offerings and enjoyed the apple and berry concoctions.  Cognac and The Dickpunks…just another night in Shanghai!

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