Massage Date Night in Shanghai

It’s Date Night and foot massages are once again on the agenda!  Arriving at Dragonfly, we didn’t think to schedule the private couples room for our massages so we were shown to the “big” room where 8 barcaloungers were spread out in the darkened room.  After initially recoiling because I like my privacy, the soothing water fountain and twinkling lights on the ceiling put me at ease.  Thom joked that he had arranged for the “big” room because I had to shut up and not talk to him or risk disturbing everyone else-he thinks I have tendency to gab instead of quietly enjoying the massage as he prefers.  So, since I couldn’t jabber,  I slipped on my headphones and listened to Cyndi Lauper because “girls just want to have fun”!  Cuddling with a blankie and warm lavender infused rice pillow….ahhh….now, this is my idea of fun on a cold night in February in Shanghai!  At only $23 US with our VIP discount card, it’s expensive by China standards for a foot massage but Dragonfly is very clean and upscale, especially the one in the IFC Mall where we go in Shanghai.

WP_20140223_012 (1)
Reclining in the leather loungers looking up at the twinkling lights while they rub our feet for 60 minutes…ahhhh….

With thumbs of steel, even though it was a 60 minute foot massage, she started with my shoulders first while my feet soaked.  Moving on to my feet and calves, every inch was massaged in great detail.  Last time, we had the hot stone foot massage but this was equally nice and I actually preferred it—those stones were FRICKIN’ HOT!

As my massage ended, I was a little jealous of the person across the room getting the double treatment—one gal massaged his feet while another worked on his shoulders.  Maybe next time!  You would think 60 minutes is a long time to get your feet rubbed but it actually goes by very quickly and ends before you know it.  Thom’s ankle, which was still hurting ever since his Vietnam incident, actually felt better after being massaged—we were worried it would hurt more but it ended up being very healing.  Putting on my Uggs for the long walk home, my toes were happy, warm and content at least until the cold, long, ugly subway commute on Monday morning.  BLAH!

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