BEST. COOKIE. EVER.  Trust me, these thighs don’t lie.  Yes, I know eating dense, chewy, flavorful cookies isn’t necessarily the healthiest food choice.  I also know life is short and living is hard in China.  Cookies for dinner?  What a great idea!  Having found Strictly Cookies, it’s hard not to place that next order when the last cookie has crumbled.  Oh, did I forget to say that THEY DELIVER.  Yes, fresh baked cookies delivered to your door at no charge.  Hello, doorman?  Yes, send those cookies right up… to my mouth!

Nom Nom Dessert Bar in Shanghai
Nom Nom Dessert Bar in Shanghai

Even though we could have played it the easy way and went online to order several pounds of baked bliss, I have to work off those cookie calories somehow so tonight we walked miles to go to the epicenter of all this cookie goodness and see where the magic is created.  Nom Nom Dessert Café is the bakery/storefront for the Strictly Cookies empire. And by empire, I mean they are carried at a few locations in Shanghai like Egghead Bagels (best bagels in Shanghai) where I found them and also sold online, though I predict big things in the future for this entrepreneur.

What to choose-PB, Choc. Chip, Oatmeal, Choc. Brownie
What to choose-PB, Choc. Chip, Oatmeal, Choc. Brownie

Lexis Comstock founded Strictly Cookies in 2010 when she couldn’t find cookies to her standard in Shanghai.  Sure, there are bakeries everywhere and carbs are easy to come by but cookies like these are rare anywhere in the world, let alone in China.  I signed up for their newsletter and was rewarded with witty writing (“unsubscribe from this list because you prefer cupcakes”) and updates on the seasonal cookie selections.  Got to love a gal who can bake AND write. Check them out at or on Facebook and drool all over the pics of the yummy treats–one good reason to live in Shanghai!  Cookies forever and always is their motto.  I agree.

Red velvet cookies with a side of cream cheese frosting. WHY YES, PLEASE.  Bourbon in my cookie milkshake.  BELLY UP TO THE COOKIE BAR!  Mango sorbet sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies.  SUMMER IN MY MOUTH.

Cookie+Ice Cream=Heaven
Cookie+Ice Cream=Heaven


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