Long Distance Nai Nai

Many of you know that I am a long distance Nai Nai with the birth of beautiful Mia to my daughter Hannah and her hubby Mike.  Thom has been with them being the supportive Gpa since her birth but now will come home to China this week.  He is already crying at the thought of not seeing them every day-yes, he is the biggest baby of them all!  I had to leave a week after her birth to come back and work, which is important to the whole family, but I cried a lot too.

To say I’m heartbroken not to be closer to assist would be an understatement.  As we were just emailing back and forth about our dream to start a business together, my little Mama is up at 3 a.m. feeding the ever hungry Mia.  Sure, I can’t help with THAT but if I was there I could come over in the morning and watch Mia so Hannah could get a much needed nap.  I am so proud of her and what a great Mom she already is and how strong she is but, oh how I wish I could help.  Until we can be together, dearest daughter and baby Mia, your Nai Nai will pray for you LOTS and work on getting our family business up and running so we can all be together in the future.  I love you.

Mama Hannah and her Mia-love so strong from the start
Mama Hannah and her Mia-love so strong from the start

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