26 Years of Adventures with Thom

I’d really like to not die today.  This thought runs through my mind most days as I walk to work in China.  Navigating the streets of Shanghai can be like running an obstacle course only with life threatening consequences if you don’t dodge the scooter/bus/car/bike at the right time.  A green GO light at the crosswalk doesn’t ensure safety–it’s only a pretty symbol that everyone ignores.

So, on my 26th wedding anniversary, as Thom and I decided to walk across Nanjing Road East, one of the busiest roads in Shanghai by The Bund, on a busy hot evening, I looked left and then right and followed him into the cross walk.  AAAHHHH!!!  My screams as the fast approaching car almost leveled us attracted many stares from the crowds of people on the sidewalk. Everyone like a little drama and excitement but hopefully not at my expense. Where the HELL did that car come from so quick?  Hubby saved me at the last minute from certain death by Audi.  That’s why I married him!  Thanks, babe!

Prior to our brush with death, we started our anniversary celebration with the usual date night of foot massages at Dragonfly.  Our ladies tonight had thumbs of steel and pounded us for 60 minutes–amazing how an hour can go by so quickly–next time we are going all out with 90 minutes of foot rubbing attention.  What can I say–we are natives now that foot massages are part of our health and happiness.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Bund Tunnel with Light Show
Bund Tunnel with Light Show

Then, it was off to take the sightseeing tunnel of fun from Pudong to the Bund.  For only 50 Yuan you can take the gondola and speed through a light show under the Huangpu River.  It is pretty and fairly fast way to get across and everyone should try it at least once.

I had been wanting to go see the venerable Jazz Band at the historic Peace Hotel for a long time so we finally made it.  I had heard that the true miracle of this band was that the band members managed to stay awake past 8 p.m. as most were 70+ at least.  Laughing at their playing of Yankee Doodle and Dixie for the expat crowd, I enjoyed the Shanghai Cocktail specialty drink while Thom drank his bottled water.  My mom would love this place–they played Moon River and had Sidecars on the drink menu.

WP_20140730_019 Peace Hotel

After the near death experience, we decided to tempt fate again with a night ferry crossing to get home.  Always exhilarating to experience firsthand the ferries dodge the coal boats to quickly get across the river, we couldn’t even get to the upper deck because it was so crowded with mainly local folks enjoying the balmy night.  I’m so happy I didn’t die today and am be able to enjoy another day with my awesome husband of 26 years and continue our adventure in China!  LIFE.  IS.  GOOD.

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