Thor The Adorable

James christened the newest member of our family, Thoraxis, after an alien character from a show called Community that I have never seen.  I just watched the movie, Thor, on the flight back from the U.S., so I have decided to nickname him after the hunky superhero in the movie.  Though, Thor should have been named Chewbacca because he is a tiny black fur ball who can’t stop chewing on everything in his path.  We have tried to channel his teething on chew sticks and toys but he prefers paper and my Surface keyboard instead.  THOR!

I was in the U.S. when Thom saw a post on a local blog seeking foster parents for a rescue dog.    His sharp tiny teeth may not hurt now but Thom insists that we try and discipline him now or he will start having our Cole Haan’s for dinner soon and that’s a deal breaker. 

Right about now as I’m taking cute puppy pictures, I feel a warm wet feeling in my crotch where Thor has been playing with his chew toy.  This can’t be good.  HOLY. HELL.  THOR!  The little bugger has let loose all over my beautiful red chaise and me.  How can such a little creature make such a big pee stain!  As Thom joked, “Puppies give you a warm feeling all over and sometimes it’s not a good thing” or something to that effect.  Ha.  Ha.  Sure, easy for him to joke since the pupster didn’t pee on him, though he did clean it all up.  Of course, Thor’s favorite place is next to Thom’s computer under the desk lamp.  Let’s see if Thom is as jovial when he has a wet stinky PC to try and dry out.

Adorable Thoraxis right before he pissed all over me.
Adorable Thoraxis right before he pissed all over me.

Thor only weighs over a pound now and is still on antibiotics for various ailments resulting from being the runt of the litter.  When we return from our trip to Hong Kong, he will hopefully be well enough to get his vaccines so he can venture outside.   Who knows what breed he is but he won’t grow big.   Of course, my daughter thought that too about her pound puppy Oliver, the Great Dane.  Oops!

Our Chinese tutor, Fiona, has kindly agreed to puppy sit for us while we are gone.  I’ll have to warn her to watch out for the little ankle biter’s couch wetting problem but I know he’ll melt her heart with his little puppy eyes.

Even with the large wet spot still drying out on my chaise, we love you Thor and welcome you to the family.   Now, go get on your puppy pad for a time out–tough love, Thor!




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