Hong Kong Sunday

Drinking wine, cooking somehow in plastic bags large pots of delicious smelling food, these women were obviously celebrating something.  The lovely ladies were wearing ceremonial brightly colored costumes and enjoying themselves thoroughly. What’s going on in Hong Kong today?

Indonesian ladies celebrating in Victoria Park
Indonesian ladies celebrating in Victoria Park

A street vendor who had costumes to try on for picture taking told us that it was Indonesia New Year this week.  I researched this but couldn’t confirm his information.  No matter, there was some partying going on–we’re talking thousands of women giving each other manicures, singing and smiling.  What a joy it is to immerse yourself in a local culture by walking through the local parks.  The few brave men who were jogging through the park were looking around in amusement at their minority status.  Better run fast, gents, these ladies outnumber you 1,000 to 1 and some might need husbands!

Socializing in Victoria Park
Socializing in Victoria Park

After wandering the park, we sought out a/c in the first urban Ikea we had seen in Asia.  Same meatballs, same furniture.  Since we own all Ikea furniture back in the U.S., it was like being at home.  Sure enough, many of the Indonesian ladies had perched themselves in the living room showrooms to socialize in the cool conditions. Smart!  Next stop was the local mall where we checked out the Apple store (empty!) and the Gap, where we bought James some clothes.  He never asks for clothes but the shirt he was wearing today was at least 5 years old so he was due some new duds.  Not overtly appreciative of our shopping on his behalf (he’s 21 after all) he did change into a new outfit when we had returned from the pool portion of our day.

Hopefully, James will be feeling better tonight for a trip to the Peak for some picture taking.  Tomorrow, we visit the Big Buddha and ask for the lucky lottery #’s for Danny, our hotel butler.  He asked us kindly today to bow 3x times and ask for guidance from Buddha.  If we receive “89”, then we are not being respectful enough because the lottery #’s run 1-45.  When we win, Danny informed us that he will become GM of the Grand Hyatt and we can be CEO’s.  Sounds good to me, Danny!  Big Buddha, here we come!

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