Sea Kayaking off Cheung Chau Island

KEEP AWAY FROM SHARK PREVENTION NET.  Okay, so if I had seen this beach sign BEFORE I ventured into the China Sea, OUTSIDE the shark prevention net guarding the beachgoers, to kayak off the island of Cheung Chua, I may have offered to stay behind to guard the backpacks and drink cold beverages.  Instead, embracing the “you only live once” motto, I jumped in and off we went with Thom paddling my ass around the rocky shoreline of this charming little fishing island.  Okay, I paddled a little but he did most of the work,  True love, folks!

Taking off from Cheung Chua Island to Hong Kong via the Fast Ferry
Taking off from Cheung Chua Island to Hong Kong via the Fast Ferry

We took the slow ferry (vs. the fast ferry that was the other option) from Hong Kong to Cheung Chua with hundreds of other locals.  After paying our $3US for the ride, we took some seats on the upper deck, always the best position for a quick exit strategy in case of ship accidents which have been happening frequently over here, and, after locating the traditional hammer on the window to be used in case of emergencies, off we went.  The many families on board were playing cards, eating ramen and enjoying themselves immensely.  It’s Beach Day!

On the way over, we saw the Fast Boat quickly pass us as well as a fancy hydrofoil that looked too cool.  We found out later that it goes to Macau–not going to make it there this trip but maybe next time.  I hear Macau is very fancy and intense–gambling there is a business, though, and not fun like Vegas.

Cheung Chua, famous for their Annual Bun Festival, is quite small and totally devoid of cars, with bikes as the main transportation though you can walk around the island in a few hours.  There are motorized carts for business purposes and we did see an ambulance screaming through the narrow streets.  Other than that it was blissfully silent of traffic.  The mature ladies even had training wheels on their bikes to keep them steady.  How cute! The beach is a quick walk across the island from the harbor.  Of course, we didn’t quite know where we were going, as usual, but we kept on walking and found a deserted beach with a shack renting kayaks. Bingo! No silly safety instructions or liability paperwork needed here.  A quick and painless, if unsafe, process.

At least they had life jackets-no safety lecture or liability paperwork though!
At least they had life jackets-no safety lecture or liability paperwork though!

We paid our $80HK/$150HK for our single/double kayaks and started paddling.  After seeing a rather large jelly fish float by, I concentrated harder on staying in the sit atop style kayak, praying I would not somehow tip us over.  Could I out swim the ocean creatures that could sting, eat or maim me?  Well, maybe but I could definitely out swim Thom so all was good. Just kidding!

Sunburnt and hot as Hell, we caught the Fast Boat home and took naps.  We’re off to Kowloon tonight to the night markets, taking yet another ferry across the harbor.  You know I love dodging boats in a busy harbor at night with no lights, right???  Where’s the hammer and the exit???  You only live once and there are more adventures to be had in Hong Kong.  Off we go!

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