Yummy Saturday in Shanghai

Cookies.  Delivered.  Same Day.  But first, let’s talk bagels in Shanghai.

Buttered Bagel Shanghai Style
Buttered Bagel Shanghai Style

Dense, chewy and delicious, the bagels never disappoint at Egghead Bagels. One of the best blocks for expat food tastes, next door to Egghead is Sumerian Coffee which just opened a taco stand, Dogtown.  Yum!  I’ve never seen so many laowais walking around one China block seeking out familiar foods.

Enjoying eating sidewalk style before the rain hit, we laughed when Thom’s “buttered” bagel came–the hard chunks of butter in the separate bowl made spreading impossible so he just chucked them on the bagel and smashed the two side together to try and melt them.  Considering this is such a Western focused café, it’s funny they make you work to get the “buttered” option to happen.  Overall, though, tasty.

Now, on to the cookie portion of the day.  After the rain let loose and any plan to walk around on a lazy Saturday faded, we miraculously got a cab and slogged through flooded streets to home sweet home.

Crushed that we came home only with bagels, we promptly (we meaning Thom) went online and ordered off the Strictly Cookies website–same delivery for an extra 15 RMB–of course!  We ordered the standard chocolate/chocolate and peanut butter in large quantities (really, who spends $40 US on just cookies–we do!!!) but thankfully Thom decided to try the Snack Pack cookie-a pretzel, caramel, chocolate, Oreo, potato chip creation of the highest deliciousness possible in a cookie.  It’s an ugly cookie that doesn’t disappoint.  Better Than Sex should be the official cookie name not Snack Pack but that’s just my opinion.

Peanut butter, Choco Choco or Snack Pack??
Peanut butter, Choco Choco or Snack Pack??

Even James who doesn’t really like cookies was impressed, not that we plan to share any more with him.  Sorry we love you, son, but there is only one special cookie left and your parents are splitting it.

After carb loading, naps are in order and then reading and watching movies to rest up on a rainy lazy Saturday in Shanghai.

Of course, there is that one cookie left…. maybe Thom won’t notice it’s gone when he wakes up from his nap.

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