Day One-Starting The New Year Right with a New Outfit Every Day for 30 Days

2015 here I come!  Blue skies dawned in Seattle and I started my 30 Day Challenge.  No, I am totally NOT going on a diet.  Well, unless there is a chocolate/wine diet craze I can tap into.  No??  Okay, well my resolution this year then is to challenge my fashion sense and utilize my closet to the max.  You see, this challenge is all about fashion not flab.  No doubt I’ll be hitting my new gym as well but, while the treadmill is deadly boring, creating a new outfit every day for the next 30 days (NO repeats!) is fun and truly challenging.  Though, with my passion for scarves and necklaces leading to enough inventory to start my own store today (,  I not only will not repeat any clothes but also accessories as I style it out new and different every day.

January can be oh so boring and bleak but my outfits will not be.  Even I do not have 30 different pair of shoes so there will be multiple uses there–trust me, I have no room for any additions to my shoe collection.  I will document my styling daily and share to keep me honest on this challenge.  This whole idea came from my lovely daughter Hannah who did something similar, taking selfies daily to share her thrifty pairings.  She and I both LOVE a good deal and frequent the thrift stores looking for brand names at ridiculous prices.  I just shared one big find–a Elizabeth and James shirt for $12 which ended up not fitting me so Hannah got it.  Score!

Along with the challenge, I’ll be denying myself all shopping privileges this month.  Honestly, if I have enough clothes to do 30 different outfits in 30 days, do I really need to buy any more outfits???  NO!  So, I’ll be deleting all those tempting emails screaming 50% off and more during the winter clearance events.  Enough is enough and I need to create fashion greatness out of what I already have and not add to the already cramped living quarters for my clothes in my itsy bitsy closet.  Glad I got in that last order to Banana Republic last week!

While I will coerce my partner in crime, Thom, to take some nice outfit photos along the way, I’ll also be doing some selfie shots on the run as I travel and work long days…just setting up the scene so as to lower expectations around photo quality.  Thom is such a perfectionist on his photos, and, thus, they look stinking good compared to anything I can do.  So, come along with me on my 2015 fashion adventure and let’s see if I can stay true to a fun creative outfit every day in January, no matter what the weather or where I am travelling!

DAY ONE-1/1/2015–Rocking the New Year AND these Gap boyfriend jeans (yes, I paid for the hole in the knee look) along with a classic black l/s t shirt, silver/blue beads from my Shanghai collection of necklaces and a elephant scarf that hits the right exotic note.  I was dreaming of warmer weather today so put on my Cole Haan wedges to let my tootsies breathe.  Soon, the toes can be exposed again!!  Cheers to summer coming sooner than later!

Day One-New Year's Day rocking the ripped jeans and some being.
Day One-New Year’s Day rocking the ripped jeans and some being.

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