Day Two-New Outfit Every Day for 30 Days

Already I am dreaming of the 30 outfits I will style this month so that I never wear the same clothes twice…. ahhh, the challenge of it all!

Day Two and I'm feeling Lucky
Day Two and I’m feeling Lucky

Had to work today but it was a Friday so I opted for jeans and LOTS of accessories.  I felt LUCKY today so on went the Lucky jeans, Lucky earrings, Lucky necklace–seeing a trend of desperately wanting to be Lucky??  Yes, I do love me a little Lucky in my wardrobe.  It makes for a fashion forward yet comfy outfit perfect for a casual Friday when I was the ONLY ONE at work.  Darn I work too hard but with a new job and a busy month ahead in January, there is so much to do.  Plus, of course, I needed an excuse to dress up and get out of the house.

Besides all that Lucky going on, I had on my usual Banana Republic piece, this time the classic black cardigan teamed up with an olive t-shirt and exotic patterned scarf. The best piece of the whole ensemble was a multi-jeweled stone belt buckle that I picked up at the local Goodwill for a song… such a bargain shopper I am!

Looking forward to a super casual weekend ahead enjoying our new apartment after a quick trip to Ikea to get those last items needed.  Ikea on a Saturday in Seattle can’t ever be as amusing as Ikea on a Saturday in Shanghai–everyone napping in the bed displays and having picnics in the dining set displays.  I miss my adventures in China so much!




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