Day Four of Fashion Challenge is all about puppies and comfort

Lounging with the pups on a lazy Sunday
Lounging with the pups on a lazy Sunday

Sunday dawned rainy and grey…big surprise for a Seattle winter, right?  So, the fashion challenge today was finding something to wear that would be appropriate for puppy cuddling AND watching lots of football.  Very low impact and high comfort.  Warm, cozy, loose, and simple….tomorrow will be the start of a crazy work week and the outfits will have to actually be acceptable to interact with people on a professional level.  HORRORS!  But today, Thor and Izaak were my constant companions and their standards are quite low as long as I could quickly transition from bed to couch to quick trips outside to do their thing and get them back in out of the rain fast to get a biscuit.  Ahh…to have a dog’s life!

Wrapping me in warmness, this grey sweater cardigan has been my favorite for a few years and is always top pick for travelling on cold planes because it’s like wearing your favorite blanket but more socially acceptable.  To spice it up, I added a jeweled scarf that my daughter had gotten for me (again, she IS the stylist I can always count on) plus some super cozy black pants that are perfect for pairing with my faithful UGGs to walk the dogs in the rain.  People mock us UGG wearers but there is a reason that they NEVER go out of style and they cost so much–they are like walking in warm, dry pillows from heaven.  Seriously, I’m a huge fan though I admit they do look clunky.

Add some simple earrings and the cross necklace that I adore from a trip to Sedona many years ago and it was the perfect Sunday outfit!  Tomorrow, the Spanx goes on, the stiletto booties get dusted off and the work week begins.   Let the Fashion Challenge continue on!

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