Day Three of 30 Day Fashion Challenge

A grey, rainy Saturday calls for fashion to match.  So, on Day Three of my fashion challenge to wear a new outfit every day this month, out came the grey tones in the form of a Merona grey balloon cozy cardigan that Hannah picked out for me awhile ago and the grey V-neck t-shirt that she also sourced for me at the Boise thrift store for a few bucks.  I love having her as my personal shopper because she has such a good eye for fashion AND she loves a bargain.  I taught her well–fashion isn’t about how much you spend but how you put it all together no matter the price you pay.

Day Three in grey tones rocking a bicycle scarf
Day Three in grey tones rocking a bicycle scarf

Of course, no outfit is complete without a necklace and scarf so I wound my grey bicycle scarf around the gorgeous silver Chinese inspired necklace that James got me for Christmas.  Done!  Off we went to run errands after we borrowed my son’s car (really my old car) that is now held together with plastic tape and a prayer.  We noticed another large dent and the side mirror pretty much hanging off the side, to which James replied when asked what happened, that he had a run in with a very solid pillar that got in his way.  Oops!  We were in China at the time of impact last year so he never thought to tell us since we had already warned him that there would be no further repairs to this 19 year old car–Infiniti makes a great car but it can’t run forever. But, for now, it got us to Ikea to buy some final home stuff we needed and to Lenscrafters for new glasses.  We get around Seattle without a car most of the time using Car2Go, Zipcar, Uber, our own two feet and an Orca card but it’s nice to borrow our own wheels sometimes. Having James over to puppy sit Thor and Izaac while we ran around town was an added bonus.  They love him and give him LOTS of puppy love while he was here.  We bribed him to stay for dinner by promising Chinese food, which is not at all like food in China but still yummy.  Good to be back in Seattle with family close by!

Thor and Izaak giving James lots of puppy love
Thor and Izaak giving James lots of puppy love

One thought on “Day Three of 30 Day Fashion Challenge

  1. Rebecca Fischer

    I hope you are writing down these outfits. At our age, no way are you going to remember what you had on 2 weeks from now!

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