Fashion Challenge is a Challenge

Days 14-18 of the Fashion Challenge were a challenge.  No excuses but between a trip to Canada, being assigned an additional “stretch” assignment on top of my other job, blah/blah/blah….it didn’t leave time for writing, one of my true joys in life.  So, I’m back now and ready to rock the fashion challenge in the upcoming week.  Today, however, I didn’t even get out of my PJ’s except to throw on my Seahawks jersey to watch the most amazing football game ever.  Lesson reinforced from the come-from-behind story of the Seahawks is that you must never, EVER give up.  Russell Wilson crying and praying on the sidelines made me tear up as well and his inspirational post-game discussion highlighted how, despite playing truly horrible for most of the game, he kept a positive attitude leading his team to the win when it would have been easier to give up or make excuses.  I hope the Seahawks do win the Super Bowl just to recognize their teamwork and dedication.  Oh, and we hate the Patriots and Tom Brady as well.  Arrogance doesn’t play well with me.

Wearing my green custom made shirt from China!
Wearing my green custom made shirt from China!
Animal prints are appropriate with my favorite animal, Izaak
Animal prints are appropriate with my favorite animal, Izaak

But, on to fashion.  I don’t have any fashion tips to share today except to say that EVERYONE needs to have a “PJ only day” once in awhile and not bother with getting dressed or leaving the house.  Though I did work all day on my new project, at least I was able to do it in my own beautiful cozy home surrounded by my love and my puppies and comfy as all get out.  But earlier in the week after I made my way back from Canada, I did manage to dress appropriately wearing new fashion outfits from my too-packed closet.  I especially loved wearing the green knit shirt that I had made to order in Shanghai.  For only $20 US, I took in my favorite Michael Kors shirt and they replicated it for me with a few modifications in the fabric/colors I picked.  I only got green and black and wish I had gotten more colors while I was at it.  It fits like a glove and is so flattering that it is my “go to” shirt to make me feel good for important meetings.  Of course, coming home to my puppies at the end of the night and cuddling makes all my stress go away.  I highly recommend “puppy therapy” if you are having a stressful day or just need some unconditional love.  When life gets too busy and you forget what’s important, the wagging of a tail and nuzzle of a cold nose will set you on the right path again.  Life is short but puppy love knows no bounds.  Thank goodness for dogs!

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