When the poodle walked up the aisle, I knew I had found my Church!

Only in Seattle folks!  We finally got our butts out of bed quick enough to seek out a new Church in our neighborhood.  Methodist this time, though we are non-denominational in our church preference, usually attending the “church of convenience” which this definitely qualifies for being in our lower Queen Anne neighborhood.  The First United Methodist Church is the oldest one in Seattle, established in 1853 and it embraces diversity like no other as well as serving the many homeless with shelter and food.  I can get behind all of that in a big way so off we went this morning to check it out.

Seahawks Sunday!
Seahawks Sunday!

After seeing the same sex couples, homeless, families, older couples and finally, the cherry on the church cake, the poodle being led up the aisle by a guy in his Seahawks jersey, all worshipping and praising God, I started to tear up and feel like I was home.  The green and blue motif also created special ambience, because, of course, it was Seahawks Sunday with a 12th man sign on the alter and the reverend resplendent in green and blue necklaces and stole.  GO HAWKS!   After the handbell choir performed and a male barbershop quartet, the prayers for church members included a prayer to stop the Koch brothers from buying the 2016 Presidential election.  WOW!  Never have I heard a church take such a stance publicly from the pulpit.  You go girl, Rev. Sharon Moe!

At the end of the service, the congregation formed a large circle “huddle” to take a stance against human sex trafficking.  It seems that the Super Bowl encourages this type of thing.  So sad and wrong on every level.  I hope that we can get involved and help with their homeless shelter and food service.  This is our neighborhood and people here need help.  Too often we forget how blessed we are and that so many need just a hot meal and a place to rest their head that is safe and dry.  Yes, I’m praying for the Seattle Seahawks to do well but, win or lose, life will go on and I will appreciate each and every moment I get to be with my wonderful family.  Going to church really helps me refocus and see the world in a new light and be content.  I loved the message on the flyer today:  “God of the ages, to whom the hours are nothing and everything: may I know each moment as a sacred guest to be welcomed, to be savored, to be sent with a blessing.”. Amen and GO HAWKS!

Congregation huddle to take a stand against sex human trafficking-I'm standing behind the guy with the poodle.
Congregation huddle to take a stand against sex human trafficking-I’m standing behind the guy with the poodle.


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