Be Kind-Simple Words to Start the Week

I will start my week with today’s sermon theme in my heart and my head–BE KIND.  Simple yet imagine if everyone in the world would remember to be kind to everyone and then proceed to see what happens…politicians out there take note and quit snipping at each other and be kind to one another and work it out.  Get stuff done that helps those who elected you…just saying.  And not just politicians–I’m constantly surprised in the workplace by people who are blatantly unkind to their peers.  HELLO you people who do that, your unkind behavior doesn’t make anyone feel good, including you, or get anything accomplished.  It’s a lose-lose experience for all involved.  So BE KIND this week and hopefully you and everyone you interact with will have a happy and prosperous week.  I hope to!

Speaking of the sermon, we went back to our local First Church today and got to have “Pizza with the Pastor” to get to know more about their church programs.  Sitting in a small conference room, 10 people and the pastor, the diversity of the groups was interesting to say the least.  The church partners to run a homeless shelter for men as well as provide free breakfasts on Sunday to about 300 people every week.  I’m looking forward to volunteering and helping in any way I can as I truly believe there is no better way to help others than providing food and shelter.  In our group were two of the homeless men who used the shelter.  Hearing their backgrounds and touching on their issues, I was able to get a glimpse into the struggles they faced daily.  As one guy nodded off after eating some pizza and enjoying the warm surroundings, we continued to share our religious paths, with Thom always drawing smiles with his Catholic upbringing stories.  Also getting smiles are the puppies in the pews as our church is “pro pet” and dogs are welcome to attend with their owners.  No one has complained yet so Pastor is going with it until someone does.  I noticed Cowboy, the white cutie in the next pew, really had his tail wagging when we were singing hymns.  So Seattle!  Unfortunately, Izaak and Thor aren’t quite so well behaved so they won’t be attending services anytime soon but we may throw caution to the wind and let them attend the Blessing of the Pets coming up soon…stay tuned for stories on that adventure.

My backyard
My backyard

As far as the rest of my lazy weekend, I got to spend some quality time with the “boys” who need constant walking in our backyard, the Seattle Center.  We love the lights at night, the fountain spouting to music and the vitality of this gem of a park for Seattlites to enjoy.  Blessed we are to live so near to enjoy it daily.

Walking Izaak in the rain to his favorite lawn area by the fountains to do his business, I suddenly reached for the baggies and realized Thom had used the last one the previous night.  Oops….now most people would just forget about it but we actually went back a little later on the next walk and hunted down his business so we could pick it up.  Wish everyone was as conscientious!

On the walk home looking at the debris left over from a busy Saturday night of partying, I think I may have to get one of those metal handheld picker-uppers to keep the streets clean in my neighborhood.  I’m kind of OCD (no laughing please) and can’t stand seeing dirty streets and, unlike China, there are no street sweepers on every block to maintain the appearance.  I do miss many other aspects of Chinese life.  So, maybe I’ll start a trend by pitching in to keep our streets looking good. Think anyone will help me???

Talking with families, friends and going to the gym rounded out a truly relaxing weekend capped off with watching the Grammy’s–who else always loves the unique pairings of music icons that you just don’t see anywhere else??  Hoping this year is no different and we see some truly spectacular performances.  Here’s also hoping that Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj used LOTS of tape on those “cleavage cut to their navel” dresses they have on or there will be nipples galore at the Grammys!  No. Thank. You.

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